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hi evryone,

i'm a beginner with Java and i try this:


AS400Array txtarr =new AS400Array(AS400PackedDecimal(55,0),100);

parmList[0] = new ProgramParameter(txtarr.toBytes(new BigDecimal(0)),55);

ProgramCall pgm =

new ProgramCall(sistem,"/qsys.lib/xxx.lib/....pgm",parmList);

in my RPG program i have this:

D numcli       s          55 0  dim(100)

C           parm       numclie  

i need get this array from rpg, how can i make this happening, i know that i need a ( for )instruction in java, to cacth the value from this array.

but anyone give me a example code for this kind of instructions?

thanks in advanced.


Software/Hardware used:
V5R4 OS400

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This is a test sample where a service program procedure expects a DS DIM() parameter

RPG prototype :


d modDs ds template qualified
d fieldA 10a
d fieldB 10a

d setDs pr
d myDs likeds(modDs) dim(100)

The call from java :

ServiceProgramCall service = new ServiceProgramCall(as400);

// define the parameter
AS400DataType[] types = new AS400DataType[]{
new AS400Text(10),
new AS400Text(10),

AS400Structure struc = new AS400Structure(types);
AS400Array ar = new AS400Array(struc, 100);

Object[] o = new Object[100];
for (int i = 0; i < o.length; i++) {
o[i] = new Object[]{“A”, “B”};

byte[] b = ar.toBytes(o);
ProgramParameter p1 = new ProgramParameter();

try {
service.setProgram(QSYSObjectPathName.toPath(“MYLIB”, “MYSRVPGM”, “SRVPGM”));


service.setParameterList(new ProgramParameter[] {p1});

boolean ran =;

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  • TomLiotta
    I'm not clear exactly what you're looking for. Please review the comments for How to prevent parameter 2 from getting into parm 1 in iSeries. There is an example program there that uses FOR to loop through a parm that carries an array. If that isn't quite what you're looking for, please describe differences. Tom
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  • BUG68
    what i need is the code for java program, when i need use AS400Array class how i make, and how i define this kind of instructions for AS400Array(AS400PackedDecimal(55,0),. Is this the right way for what i have imn my RPG program or not? Before i put this question i travel across WEB, principally in IBM but i don't any friendly code for my doubt. thanks again for everybody
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  • TomLiotta
    I might be more of a novice than you are for this question. Nevertheless, I'd look first at the toDouble() method of the AS400PackedDecimal() class. And with 55-digit numbers going to BigDecimals, you might instead need to use the toObject() method of AS400PackedDecimal. I'm pretty sure it'll be a while before I find example code that helps you. But maybe you can make progress just by having a suggestion. Tom
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  • BUG68
    HI, again, i think i discovered a first step: String parme1 =""; AS400PackedDecimal x1=new AS400PackedDecimal(9,0); AS400Array nume1 =new AS400Array(x1,50); AS400Text y1=new AS400Text(40); AS400Array txt1 =new AS400Array(y1,50); parmList[0] = new ProgramParameter(x1.toBytes(0),50); parmList[1] = new ProgramParameter(y1.toBytes(parme1),50); i want now see de output, what i need for GET instructions? thanks Tom, for your first help.
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