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Hi all , I am a fresher in IT and currently pursuing a training on AS/400 Modules, like CL DB2, RPG400 etc, I was just looking  the prospects and after 3 months of training they are fading out, I really do want to pursue my masters degree from a good college, for which I am preparing too, but I don't want to waste time so I thought that it will be a good idea to work in industry until I get the admission. So, please suggest me what should I do. I just came across this SAP Training module and I want to know that:
  1. RPG vs SAP, which is better in terms of career prospects?
  2. Should I switch to SAP if I don't get an opportunity in AS/400 or should I try for a little bit longer?

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  • slack400
    SAP is an ERP application and RPG is a report writing computer language that runs on the i. It's an apples to oranges comparison. Also SAP doesn't actively market or sell SAP to the AS400 platform anymore. Learning RPG can be beneficial if you want to stay in the AS400 realm. Learning SAP can be beneficial but not in the AS400 realm. You could focus on PHP or Java which would be platform agnostic or you could focus on DBA which will be less platform specific as well. Finally you're going to have a very hard time finding schools or courses that offer classes that focus on the AS400. You'll have no problems finding courses for SQL, Java, PHP, Windows, or Linux. I don't want to direct you away from the AS400 but let you know that it's a less populated road.
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  • BhargavSushant
    @ slack400, I am a fresher, so it's hard to get into industry as well, but my question is regarding in terms of career growth, I don't know if AS400 has a limit, but I have heard that SAP leads you to a managerial position. and Since it is less populated so does it means that One can grow faster in AS400 or it supplies less job but high salary ? as there are very few people working on the AS Modules . thanks
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  • TomLiotta
    1. RPG vs SAP , which is better in terms of career prospects. The one that gets you a job that you are pleased with is better. But they can't really be compared. You can think of RPG like learning to be an automobile mechanic, and think of SAP like learning to be an automobile driver -- two very different kinds of activities that are related to a common area. 2. Should I switch to SAP if I dont get an Opportunity in AS400 or Should I try for a little bit longer. Yes. Or both. If you have an opportunity to take SAP training while continuing to look for other work, do it! You can even list your training on your resume (C.V.) while still looking for AS/400 work. That's an additional plus that might make a difference. Tom
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  • michalwenn
    So what did you decide, @slack400 ? I am also a fresher in IT. I have noticed many companies trying to leave the AS400; some do it successfully and some others fail while attempting it. There are also some others that are sure they have the best system. I am sure the AS400 is the most reliable system and I consider it will not die... soon... mean while I think the jobs are less demanded, but better payed, that is what I think so far and it might be a good opportunity. So what is your experience with this decision?
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  • TheRealRaven
    There shouldn't be much reason to add to this thread since the question shouldn't be in this forum in the first place. It should be on the discussions side rather than the Q&A side which is for technical problems.

    Personally, I have far more work available in the "AS400" market than I can possibly handle, and requests and projects won't stop coming in. It's not there isn't a lot of work available in the "AS400" market; it's more that "CL DB2, RPG400" are as well as "AS400" are nearly obsolete terms and shouldn't be used for job searches. (Well, "DB2" might be an exception unless it means "DDS for database files".)

    IBM hasn't marketed an "AS400" system for a decade or more. The platform has evolved far beyond that, and job searches for it should be fading. Stop using the term. And nobody should have done any "RPG400" programming (except maybe important business bug fixes) for 20 years or so.
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