AS400 user profile and owned objects accidentally deleted

A critical AS400 user profile and all owned objects were accidentally deleted from the system. Is there a way to identify and restore the profile and all owned objects from a full system21 save to tape to the 400? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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Well… IF you had a DR machine or partition standing by (or could borrow/rent one) you could do an entire system restore from your save tape then display the userid and all it’s owned objects… then probably build a script to restore the objects to the origianl server… You would also need to restore the user profile from the save tape back to the original(first), and after running your script restoring the objects to the original… do a restore of Authority.

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  • DonLinebaugh
    You will clearly have to restore the user profile from the save. I haven't tried the rest of this suggestion since I don't have access to a tape drive to test it with at the moment, but you could try to do a DSPTAP and direct the output to either *PRINT or *OUTFILE. You might then be able to write a CL program (or RPG or COBOL) that scans through the output from the command, and looks in the appropriate place for the owner, which I THINK is included on the output. Then for each one your program finds with the owner you deleted, restore that object automatically in the CL program. Could be tricky.
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  • Mjjager
    After restoring the profile, you could try restoring *NONSYS with an OPTION *NEW, DATABASE MEMBER OPTION *NEW. This should pickup any objects that do not already exist and restore them. Also things to think about are a RCLDLO, RSTDLO and Restore of IFS objects- RST DEV('/QSYS.LIB/TAPxx.DEVD') OBJ(('/*) ('/QSYS.LIB' *OMIT) ALWOBJDIF(*ALL)('/QDLS' *OMIT)) ENDOPT(*UNLOAD) I agree with trying this on a DEV box first. If you have questions or concerns please let me know. I was a DR guy for 7 years at COMDISCO so I have developed scripts for this scenario to make the process a little more tolerable.
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  • TomLiotta
    If you don't have to create the profile exactly, e.g., with all private authorities, or if you know all of the profile attributes, then you'll probably find it easier simply to create it with CRTUSRPRF. As for the deleted objects, if you audited deleted objects, process the T/DO entries from the audit journal and issue RSTOBJ for each of them. If you didn't have auditing turned on for this, then you'll have to figure out on your own which objects to restore. Tom
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