AS/400 Update Application, Possible?

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This may be a dumb question. However, I work at a company that makes heavy use of AS/400, and often times we’re required to bulk update a large number of files to same status codes. Previously, this either has to be done manually or with a macro created with VB in Access. Now, I pulled out JAVA for dummies and made a simple java program that generates the macro without the need for VB editing for each macro, but this is still cumbersome to operate for some people. The macros are run in a JAVA based AS400 client access terminal, meaning they have to be imported, and there is no way to verify or log the changes made, or undo it if there is an error. [strong]My question is this, it should be possible to write an application that is capable of directly editing the status codes of a list of files, shouldn’t it?[/strong] This whole business of a macro that moves the keyboard/mouse for me seems inefficient, although better than manual entry haha. Anyway, for example, I want to paste a list of file numbers into an application that has some options like “Add notes, change status code, etc.” and press complete, the program will access the AS400 database via the OBDC connection (Or some other method?) and make the requested changes. Then my program could log the changes it made, report the errors that occurred, and allow for “revert options” since batches/macros are occasionally processed incorrectly and the only current way to rectify that is by manual research taking days or weeks. I am not management and not in a specially development position, so I can’t get much info out of anyone. Management doesn’t know, and the general response I get when making any AS400 inquiry is “It’s not possible.”  I know we have an OBDC connection interface for AS400, and I can access that. Seems like if I could learn a C based langauge or Visual Basic, it should be possible to do this. Or even with JAVA using a OBDC bridge. I’ve created a number of very simple JAVA applications and new processes that have greatly increased efficiency that are appreciated, so I know if I can show this is possible management will listen. Any advice and info is appreciated.

Software/Hardware used:
AS/400LS, JAVA based virtual terminal

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Yes – It’s possible with the VBA in Excel and the Client Access ODBC driver.

Quick and dirty updates aren’t that tough, but if you want to make sure users don’t enter the wrong thing in the wrong place, it gets more complicated – too complicated for this forum.

If you want a template for updating AS/400 files from Excel, e-mail me and I’ll send you one. I intend to make this sort of thing a future topic in my blog: Beyond Excel.

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