AS/400 to AS/400 online transactions transfer

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Could you explain what you mean by “transfer transactions online”? What are you trying to achieve?


Martin Gilbert.

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  • Bassam2009
    Hi, I mean if any transaction applied/execute on the 1st AS400; this transaction also applied/execute on the 2nd AS400 immediately.
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  • Gilly400
    Hi, Then you need to look at a program like MIMIX. This works by sending jounalled changes from one system to the other and applying them to create a sort of mirrored environment. There are several other programs around which do this sort of thing, I believe that MIMIX is one of the most popular. Regards, Martin Gilbert.
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  • mcl
    Data Mirror - which is now IBM Change Data Capture (CDC) will replicate data between systems. Vision Solutions sells Replicate 1 to replicate data. Both these products use native iSeries journals to capture changes on the source system. They are also both pretty flexible in that they can transfer data between multiple platforms. They also both have a lot of built-in error recovery - like for example - if your communications link goes down. Vision also sells a product called Orion that will replicate an entire iSeries to another iSeries for DR or HA. Regards Mike
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  • graybeard52
    Vision, Mimix, iTera are all owned by the same company now. However, for smaller systems, I found iTera much easier, cheaper, and more reliable than Mimix. That was a couple of years ago, so it bears checking. If you decide to write it yourself, the method is to use remote jounalling.
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  • Lovemyi
    Larry Youngren formerly of IBM Rochester and the journal guru has done several presentations at Common and other users groups on "HA on a Showstring" where he shows you how to create your own mini mirror without all the bells a whistles. If you can find his handouts that is a great place to start. He discribes how to use remote journaling and then appy the changes to the remote system. There is a little trick to fool the system as you cannot apply journal receiver transactions to anythng other than the original file. Larry shows you the way. I would google Larry Youngren to see if you can find this worthwhile handout. It really is easy if you only need to mirror straight files. And it is alot cheaper than evern investing in iTera or one of the other mirroring solutions. Another way is to use DDM fles between systems and add trigger programs to update the file on the other side. This is a little more work but also works great. This is what we use for EDI transactions going from one machine to another iSeries where the EDI package is located Lovemyi
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  • copack
    I have free solution based on Informatica PowerCenter.
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