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We have a disk space constraint on our AS400 servers. We do run automatic cleanup jobs regularly. We delete libraries regularly. When I run prtdskinf and see the result, I see the libraries using 5 % of disk space and when I check for those libraries, we hardly find those libraries or some of those libraries does not exist. Kindly let me know in what all ways I can reduce the disk space on AS400. thanks in advance

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There are several things that could be eating up your disk space. You have journals, performance data, etc. You can go to GO PERFORM to see how many days of performance data you are saving, the library is normally QMPGDATA. Also for journal receivers….wrkobj *all/*all *jrnrcv or for jounals….wrkobj *all/*all *jrn. Not sure if you have the system set to manage the journals, if so, how many days do have retention set to?



If you’re looking at systems where libraries are only taking 5% of the disk capacity, you’re probably looking at systems that are primarily using the directory structures of the IFS. Cleaning up “libraries” will not do much good at all on those systems.

First, you can’t rely on PRTDSKINF unless you run RTVDSKINF in order to retrieve the disk information before printing it. If you don’t run RTVDSKINF, then PRTDSKINF is probably printing old, obsolete data.

But beyond that, you would also want to run RTVDIRINF to collect details about directories. Then run PRTDIRINF to print the directory info that you collected. But be prepared — a directory report on a large system can be extremely large.


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  • Abigail
    Depending on your application file structure, you may be experiencing large number of deleted records (files that are not set to RRN). To determine this: DSPFD FILE(LIBNAME/*ALL) TYPE(*MBRLIST) OUTPUT(*OUTFILE) OUTFILE(QTEMP/FILE NAME). Sequel your outfile selecting fields MLLIB, MLFILE, MLNAME, MLNRCD, MLNDTR from QTEMP/OUTFILENAME ORDER BY MLNDTR WHERE MLNDTR>500. If you have files with large numbers of deleted (MLNDTR) records (in comparison to the number of records-MLNRCD), reorganize these files. You may need to process the reorgs. off hours due to file locks. Cleaning up the deleted records could also increase application performance. Also, you may want to permanently apply your PTF's. This would not affect your application libraries but will allocate additional disk space as temporary applied PTF's are larger than permanent PTF's. Check your journal receivers for potential deletion of old receivers.
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  • Saurater
    There are some things you can do with a full system. 1. RCLSPLSTG *NONE - This command will free up a great deal of spool storage space. Particularly if it has never been run before. 2. CLRLIB QRPLOBJ - Every time an object is compiled with REPLACE(*YES) a copy is placed in QRPLOBJ. For the most part this is unnecessary. 3. DSPOBJD QUSRSYS/*ALL *JRNRCV - Old unattached system journal receivers can be as large as 30 meg,,, maybe even larger. Once unattached, these journal receivers may be deleted. 4. WRKLICINF etc. - There are many products on an AS/400 that are unnecessary. Tanzanian dictionaries are not needed in most shops. Many shops will not require any S/36 migration tools. These may be safely removed. 5. WRKOBJ QSYS/QHST* *FILE - This will list all system logs. Every system log except the most recent may be safely deleted. 6. DSPMSG QSYSOPR, QPGMR, QTCP, QSRV, etc. - Once displayed, you may press F16 to clear all unanswerd messages. 7. WRKPRB - Problems over 30 days old may be safely removed. 8. RCLSTG - This will delete any damaged objects, and place orphaned objects in QRCL, which may then be removed. from Saurater Faraday
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  • Saurater
    RGZPFM command is a powerful command to physically delete records marked for deletions. It many save you lots of space. Saurater Faraday
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  • pdraebel
    May sound a bit stupid, but are the servers IPL'd regularly ?
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