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AS/400 subsystems
Not too sure specifically how subsystems are listed in the AS/400. I know there are startup programs and subsystems need to be 'pointed' there in order to autostart? Questions is: Is there a way to list the current autostarted programs and how I can remove them. If there isn't a way to list what is currently being autostarted - how can I manually remove certain ones from starting? There some sort of change subsystem command? CHGSBSS Thanks in advance!

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Enter the DSPSBSD command for the subsystem and select option 3 Autostart job entries. This will display the autostart job entries.
Use RMVAJE Remove Autostart Job Entry to update.


Review the discussion under What does the QSTRUPPPGM generally comprise of before anything else.

A subsystem is started when you run the STRSBS command and you name the subsystem to start. You can run the command from a command line or in a program (or through a remote command or through a job scheduler entry or possibly other ways). The ‘controlling’ subsystem is a little different in that it will also be started automatically when you IPL your system.

If you use the normal default procedures, the controlling subsystem will cause a program to run when that subsystem is started. That program will be what eventually runs STRSBS commands for all of the subsystems that you want started on your system. (There are some minor but important variations of that.)

The program will be named in the QSTRUPPGM system value. You can use the default program that IBM supplies or you can write your own.

Attributes of a subsystem description can be changed with the CHGSBSD command.

In addition to “attributes”, subsystem descriptions can also have “entries”. Some of the kinds of entries are routing entries, pre-start job entries and communications entries. Those are added with ADDRTGE, ADDPJE and ADDCMNE commands and removed with RMVRTGE, RMVPJE and RMVCMNE commands.

There are also “autostart job” entries. These are jobs that you want started automatically whenever that subsystem is started. The related commands are ADDAJE and RMVAJE.

You can print the attributes and entries for a particular subsystem with the DSPSBSD command. Specify the OUTPUT(*PRINT) parameter to cause printing. You can use the WRKSBS command to access a list of subsystems that are currently active on your system. (There are also APIs if you want to automate various parts of this.)

Use the WRKOBJ *ALL/*ALL *SBSD command to locate every subsystem description on your system whether they’re active or not.

As always, you need sufficient authority to access or change any subsystem description. There might be additional “special” authority needed for some possible changes.


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