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This morning our old test AS/400 9402 was off. When we tried to IPL, we got the attention light on and an code 000000E.  Does someone knows what that error mean ? Any suggestion to revive that old thing ?

Thanks in advance

Software/Hardware used:
AS/400 9402

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Did you change the panel IPL setting into Manual Mode? The boulder site didn’t list that SRC so you may have a display panel error or you may need to get into manual mode and up to DST to see if you have failing parts.

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  • Briard
    Thank you for your shot at this DanD We tried Manual mode on A and B ... same thing ... Now we are looking for the CD with the service tools and will try to IPL from OPT Excuse my lack of knowledge, but could you explain "display panel error" Thank you again :)
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  • Teandy
    I too have searched IBM looking for this SRC code and am unable to find it. I am assuming that you no longer have maintenance on this machine; however you could still call IBM and see how much they want to diagnose the problem for you.
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  • Whatis23
    Possibly a workstation error code? Was an old green screen device once hooked up to the machine as the console and has since been removed?
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  • Briard
    Yes, there was a TWINAX terminal as console, nothing showed up :( and you are right too, we are not under maintenance contract on that one ... and with the current economy any dime saved is a good thing. But I start to think that we dont have too many other option, beside to look for another test system. I search for that SRC code .. and found only one post ( in French ) reporting the same issue. Without any solution. Anyway, thank you for making it bounce !
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  • ColX88
    I'm interested in working with these but believe they need supported networking, which refers too how maintenance will then occur, not by man lab ours! We have an expansion tower that believe early pulsar or north star which was crept into my memories of a data center that exists but was once thought too be alike. From where this large piece of plant came from, how can't find exact in IBM but flagship have similar parts as a whole for sale and is the only picture that I have found online to appear similar. If like me you have no cash but have interest in these things then notice synchronic changes f WebSphere and Linux in IBM where you notice sun zfs pool and polling networks exist too the aix. Of system/2 model80 IBM machines too, then there isn't any rhyme or reason too depend on codes that boast error logging bug realities for too drive a car and line a pocket if you know what you do you wouldn't Have such machine?
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