AS/400 Regarding, server maintance regarding %ASP

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IBM iSeries
1.In my server % of ASP frequently question is...what are the steps to decrease it ASAP.

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Hi Martin,

Thanks a lot for your valuable Suggestion but i want to know more like
1.How to delete journal.
2.and how to delete some files
Because I know check and remove logs, unwanted user profiles,how to set cleanup options because it is automated process.
Can you please elaborate on that…..



I would suggest you start by taking a look at the journal receivers and history logs. You can use the cleanup options to automate the process of cleaning up logs and journal receivers :



Martin Gilbert.

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  • mcl
    WRKOBJ OBJ(*ALL/*ALL) OBJTYPE(*JRNRCV) Will give you a list of all journal receivers - what you delete is up to you and what the needs of your system are. WRKOUTQ will give you a list of all output queues showing the number of spooled files. You should delete spooled files that are not needed or at least archive them to tape by some method. Two other commands you should run are RCLSTG (Reclaim Storage) and RCLSPLSTG (Reclaim Spool Storage). But, you should preferably run the RCLSTG when the system is in a restricted state. See the HELp on the commands for more information. Regards Mike
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  • Tpinky
    Something else you could look for is Performance Logs. GO PERFORM, option 6, then option 2. Library should be QMPGDATA. If you are retaining a lot of these logs they can take up space also. With the Journal receivers, there are several options depending on your business needs for Rentention of the data. Journal receivers can also be set to auto delete depending on parameters set for Days of Rentention, Saved, etc... Do you know if you have the System set to auto handle the journal receivers?
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  • TomLiotta
    Of course, there possibly sdhouldn't be any large number of receivers to delete if the system is being properly backed up. System management of receivers will delete them automatically after they've been saved. If receivers haven't been saved, they probably shouldn't be deleted. However, in an emergency, sets of receivers might be safely deleted. For example:
    That command will delete every non-attached receiver in ecery user library as long as the receiver name begins with Q*. A naming convention might separate critical from non-critical receivers. The generic* names would allow deleting every non-critical receiver system-wide with a single command. No need even to list them or search for them. Tom
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