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AS/400 errors
AS/400 printing
We have over 20 different LAN printers used to print receipts for as/400. every time a printer runs out of paper, the printer loses connection and wont print anymore. The printers have to be reset from headquarters in order to work again. any reason why this is happening? It seems the IBM printers are usually fine. But all other brands (mostly HP) have this issue every time. thanks.

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Just a couple of questions. Are you saying that some of the receipt printers are IBM printers and others are not? Could you share the configuration of one that is not working? When you say that it loses connection, do you mean that head office needs to restart it or is it that head office needs to reply to a message saying that the forms are out?

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    [...] rbanks wrote an interesting post today onHere’s a quick excerptNew Answer by Canuck62. [...]
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  • Gilly400
    Hi, Sounds like a problem we have. Seems that the printers lose communication and the writers have to be re-started on the AS/400. I haven't found a good solution yet. Regards, Martin Gilbert.
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  • WoodEngineer
    A while back we saw instructions for creating a DEVD for TCP/IP attached printers. Perviously we had just created an output queue for each printer, imbedding a link to its IP address. All the printers were HP LaserJets. Over the course of a couple of years we found that the printers using the DEVD loss connection more often then those with no DEVD. In fact, we were having to many connection problems with one printer that we deleted the DEVD and returned to the output queue method. Problem solved in this situation.
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  • Sloopy
    It could be a time-out issue. I have a printer nearby (HP) network-attached to the iSeries. It often takes a few 'R' replies to messages to get my iSeries print out of the printer. The device description says that the inactivity timer is set to 15 seconds (*SEC15), and the activation timer (which is how long it will wait to complete a connection between the iSeries and the printer to 'wake' the printer into becoming aware of data streams from the iSeries) is 170 seconds. Since when I release a print to this printer I get a message after about 15 seconds, I suspect that I should ask for the inactivity timeout to be changed. You can do this using: CHGDEVPRT DEVD(printer_name) INACTTMR(*NOMAX) - to make the timeout the maximum possible value. You can specify up to 30 minutes for most attachment types. You need *IOSYSCFG authority to run this command. Regards, Sloopy
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  • AnchorS
    HI - Sloopy is right, it's a timeout issue. You need to set the hp timeouts to the max, not set at 0. Here's an IBM link with specifics:
  • Canuck62
    You may also want to try using the *IBMSNMP driver. I have found with some printers that that works better and indeed for some printers is the only thing that work. The DEVD approach definitely provides better control over the printer. Here are a couple of links. The first one is specific to Cannon printers and the second is more general printer info On the second link, go into technical databases..
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