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ever since i upgraded from V5R1M0 to V5R3M0, i get a CPA3305 on some of my spool files when I send them over to my twin ax connected 6400 line printer. i purchased an *ipds card when i upgraded to V5R1 per my third party software vendor. if i give the message a T, part of the reports get cut off the page. i believe this is a dbcs issue and the vendor of the software will not change their print files. any suggestions?

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Something I found on the error message…

Message ID CPA3305

Message IGCDTA(*YES) not allowed for device &9. (C H T)

Cause Writer &1 found file &4 number &10 job &8/&7/&6 created on system &12 on &11 with attribute IGCDTA(*YES) on output queue &2 in library &3 and determined that IGCDTA(*YES) is not allowed for device &9.
Recovery Do one of the following: — Enter C to cancel the writer. — Enter H to hold file &4 on the output queue and produce the next file. — Enter T to process the file. If T is entered, the results may not be what is expected because the file will be printed using the page width and attributes of file QPSPLPRT in library QSYS, and print lines will have the ends removed to fit on the page. A reply of T may also cause the actual number of pages produced by the writer to be more than the original number of spooled pages.
Technical Desc When the T reply is taken, the writer will use additional processing unit resources to reformat the spooled output file. The extra processing unit use can adversely affect other jobs in the system.
Reply Choices C — Cancel writer
H — Hold file and process next file
T — Process the file with print lines truncated

Message Level
Alert Option
Log Problem


If QPSPLPRT isn’t wide enough, then issue CHGPRTF with a new PAGESIZE() to widen the lines.


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  • Bigmac46
    Check the printer configuration both at device description level and the emulation set up on the printer. We have a 6400 and are now on V5R3M0. It was installed/configured on V4R?? and has never been a problem from 1 upgrade to another. We are using Workstation customizing object WSCST6400. Just seems like if it works on 1 400(WHOOPS - i) it should work on others.
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