AS/400 Printer will not stop printing 1st page of document

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AS/400 printing
I have a HP printer setup as a network printer in the AS400 and it will not stop printing the first page of anyting sent to it. Literally there is no end to the printing. All other printers o.k. What is the problem?

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If you are printing the same spool file and different printers, and you only have this problem with one of the printers, my guess is it is in device description for the printer.
Compare the Device description for this printer and another one that is similiar.
You will problably find some value that is different.
Change it and try again.
Let us know what you find.

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  • CharlieBrowne
    Have you resolved he issue? We would be interested in knowing what the problem was.
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  • slack400
    Please confirm the printer make and model and attach a copy of the AS400 printer device configuration. We can then review it for errors. Also are you using the integrated NIC/printer server card that came from HP? Or are you trying to use an external 3rd party device? That may impact how the device needs to be configured.
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  • Christin
    Hello and thank you for trying to help. We are using a HP LJ 4015 and using the internal NIC card that came with the printer. The printer is accessed for Windows via a print server and setup in the AS/400. Keep in mind this printer has been around for 4 years and it seemed to happen after upgrading version for the NaviLine/Sungard software.
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  • Christin
    I'm sorry but I have a copy of the screenshots for the device configuration but do not know how to attach a document to this post.
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  • Splat
    We have a 4015n defined as follows:
    DEVD        PRT52   
    OPTION      *BASIC  
    DEVCLS      *LAN    
    TYPE        3812    
    MODEL       1       
    LANATTACH   *IP     
    PORT        9100    
    ATTACH      *DIRECT 
    ONLINE      *YES    
    SEPPGM      *NONE   
    PRTERRMSG   *INQ    
    MSGQ        *CTLD   
    ACTTMR      170     
    INACTTMR    *SEC15  
    LINESPEED   19200   
    WORDLEN     8       
    PARITY      *NONE   
    STOPBITS    1       
    ASCII899    *NO    
    IMGCFG      *NONE  
    CHRID       *SYSVAL
    WSCST       *NONE      
    USRDFNOBJ   *NONE      
    USRDTATFM   *NONE      
    Hope this helps.
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