AS400 password encryption

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IBM iSeries
Hi, how can I verify the password encryption method used by the AS/400/iSeries machine. Thanks.

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AS400 / ISeries

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For the simple QPWDLVL 0 system value setting, user profile passwords are stored encrypted in an independent index object named QSYUPTBL in library QSYS. The encryption is basic 56-bit DES. A second password using the LANMAN scheme is stored for access through NetServer for Windows clients. QPWDLVL 1 also uses basic DES but eliminates Windows/NetServer passwords. Passwords at these levels have 1 10-character length limit, are upper-case and have only letters and digits plus characters @, # and $.

QPWDLVL 2 is much higher. Passwords can become “pass phrases” up to 128 characters and can include all characters. QPWDLVL 3 eliminates Windows/NetServer passwords from the system. AFAIK, SHA is used for encryption, but I can’t find a direct reference at the moment.

For the older DES encryption, the algorithm is documented in 5250 Telnet Enhancements, so you should be able to access the QSYUPTBL object and research it. You will, of course, need high authority to access it and MI routines to materialize it.

The system never decrypts passwords. A supplied password is encrypted with the same algorithm and compared against the stored encrypted value.


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  • TomLiotta
    I can't tell what you mean. What do you mean by "verify". Are you hoping to determine if stored passwords are encrypted using a documented method or not? Do you want to know what method is used by the system? (Why?) What password level is your system? Tom
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  • Jerico
    Im indeed trying to identify the encryption algorithm method used by our AS400 machine in storing passwords. Is there a system configuration or file where the passwords are stored? Im need to know these to measure the compliance of our machine according to our company standards. . . Thanks
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  • Jerico
    Thank you very much Tom. . . that was very detailed. . . Regards. . .Jerry
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