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How do you connect a network printer w/ or w/o an IP address to the AS400?

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To setup a network printer you will need the IP address.

On the command line: CRTDEVPRT <F4> See sample below…

Device Description = Name of Printer
Device Class = *LAN
Device Type = *IPDS
Device Model = 0
Lan Attachment = *IP
Advanced Function Printing = *YES
Port Number = 5001
Online at IPL = *YES
Font Identifier = 011
Form Feed = *AUTOCUT
Message Queue = PRTMSGQ
Activation Timer = *NOMAX
Remote Location = IP address of Printer

Also, if you are setting up a printer without an IP address (e.g., one attached to a Windows PC), you can follow the instructions here to set up a iSeries Access printer session and make that printer available to the AS400:

Personally, I have all of my printer sessions on the same Windows 2000 Server that acts as our print server for the domain. That way it is all nice and together in one place.

This method will apply if the printer is host-based, meaning that it can not directly communicate in a standard printer language with the ‘400. In this case, the printer requires direct connection to a Windows PC and communicates in some proprietary language with the driver there.

I keep IBM’s site bookmarked so I can see if a particular printer can be configured directly on the ‘400 or if it requires a Windows host. Check it out:

Even if the printer is not host-based, you will get the manufacturer type and model info from this site that you can use to correctly configure a non-host-based printer on the ‘400.

HTH –Koohiisan

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  • slack400
    These instructions are for an IPDS printer, they might not be valid for your situation. use this link to verify what type of printer support you can offer for the device in question. IBM link If you don't have an IP for the printer and it's directly attached to a PC then you'll either need to setup a remote queue (if the PC has a static IP) or you can set up a virtual printer session using client access installed on the PC that's connected to the printer. Here's a link to the Holy grail of AS400 printing. Redbook
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  • Svocal
    Thxs to slack400, tpinky and koohiisan. I 'll try it this weekend. svocal
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  • WoodEngineer
    There are many HP printers attached to our '400 plus a few other brands. Rarely do we need a device description. First we add the printer to the TCP/IP host table. Then we use the same name in this command where &OUTQ is the name defined in the TCP/IP Host table. CRTOUTQ OUTQ(&OUTQLIB/&OUTQ) RMTSYS(&OUTQ) ??RMTPRTQ(&OUTQ) AUTOSTRWTR(1) CNNTYPE(*IP) DESTTYPE(*OTHER) TRANSFORM(*YES) ??MFRTYPMDL(&TYPMDL) DESTOPT('XAIX') SEPPAGE(*NO) ??TEXT(&TEXT) DSPDTA(*YES) JOBSEP(00) /* DestOpt('XAIX') allows printing of multiple copies. */
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