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A strange issue came up. When trying to access the IFS shares from a windows machine, a user gets prompted for a username and password, but when he enters his AS400 username and password it re-prompts him as if the password was wrong. It also adds DOMAIN before the username when re-prompting. All other users are able to access the IFS without being prompted, including a test windows user that doesn't have a corresponding AS400 account. I logged in using my own profile on the same computer and login, and that worked with no problems. I believe he is putting in the correct password, so what else would it be?

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If you have created your shares as part of the Windows Neighborhood, you need to have your AS400 profiles and pwds match their Windows profiles and passwords. If your password level is ‘1’, I believe the 400 will translate the lower case to upper case, but then you can’t have special characters in your Windows pwd. I would suggest going to level ‘2’ pwds on the AS400 so users can match their passwords. Your AS400 domain as set in CFGTCP should match your Windows domain. I haven’t found a way to set up any shares in a different domain than the one set up with TCP config.

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  • Teandy
    This happens quite frequently around here and is usually because of one of two reasons: The user keys in the wrong i5 password or the user is already mapped to a folder on the IFS and is trying to map another one. When the second one happens, I tell them to skip the step that says “connect using a different user name”, and just hit finish after they enter in the drive letter and the folder. This usually fixes the problem.
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  • graybeard52
    As suggested, the passwords are the most likely problem. BTW, the AS400 does keep the passwords as case sensitive, even if it is using "short " passwords. It simply ignores the case of of the submitted password. Using "long" password level, it enforces the case. I haven't seem the domain issue, but as suggested the AS400 should be in the same domain.
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  • Xidavid

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