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hi, I have installed an iseries 9405-520 i5/OS V5R3M0 and the informatician have done all the aplication in B-boot mode. Has this any impact in the machine. Can i reboot in the A-boot mode???? And the last : i want to do a full back-up of the machine. Can you help me with some instructions......

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If you have PTS temporarily applied you need to be on the “B” side of the system to use them. Once you permanently apply the PTFs you can operate on the “A” side. One caution, once you apply the PTFs permanently you can not remove one if it is in error and causes a problem. I usually wait a while before making them permanent.

Also, to get a full save of the system it is easiest to use option 21 on the save menu. This saves in a format that you can restore one file, library, etc. The save menu option 9 will allow for a save of all the storage, but not allow selective restores. You can find additional information on the save & restore options in the Backup and Restore manual. Unfortunatly, IBM doesn’t include a hard copy with the box, but it is on the CD and can be ordered from IBM.

On the standard tape drive included with the 520, you may need multiple tapes.

Enjoy! The i5 is a wonderful machine.


The A- and B-sides refer <b>only</b> to Licensed Internal Code (e.g., 5722-999 for V5R4) and are unaffected by PTFs for Licensed Program Products including the operating system (5722-SS1 for V5R4) and the compilers. That is, most PTFs don’t affect “A-side or B-side”.

However, many operating system PTFs are related to underlying LIC PTFs. Pre-requisite and co-requisite PTFs are common. Downloading and installing a number of PTFs for LPPs often brings LIC PTFs along.

In general, when LIC PTFs are temporarily applied and the system has been IPLed and is running on the B-side, the system is <i>probably</i> running better than if you forced an IPL to the A-side. Most systems spend most of their running time on the B-side.

Usually there are only two reasons to run on the A-side:
<li>All LIC PTFs have been permanently applied and the system has since been IPLed, and the A-side was a natural result.</li><li>A LIC PTF that was temporarily applied is found to be defective or damaged or was determined to cause problems for some part of your system. The A-side was forced in order to remove the PTF that was the problem.</li>

Otherwise, ignore the two sides. Run on the side that the system indicates as being appropriate. Most often, things will work better.

IOW, you can IPL to the A-side if you really want to. But why would you want to?

As for a full system backup, issue the command GO SAVE and scroll down to menu option 21. Place the cursor on that menu item and press <F1> for [help]. You can tab through the [help] and press [enter] at the stopping points for further info.

If that brings more questions than answers, update this item under ‘Discussion’ and ask for clarification.


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  • CheerYip
    hi all, I am new here, iour office had installed and used of an AS/400 iSeries(type 9406 model 800) for last 7-8 years. We was advised to do Full Backup of the system since initial installed, we was not taught how to do thou even numerous inquiry or maybe we left out that part for awhile. Recently the system was down with unable to load to normal system, even communication via console also failed. I would like to seek advice, if we are without any full backup of the system, how could we retrieve back databases in the system? Is it require reinstall whole system withh scratch? TQ.
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