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I'm having a problem when i try to reach a host server via AS400 FTP. I have configured the host, the TCP interface, TCP route and start the connecting. I can PING the remote host via the 400. when i start the FTP i get "connection established" when i try to log in i get the error message "530 log on attempt by user rejected". I have been working with humans on the server side of the ftp conversation but they are not AS400 savvy. Is there a way to debug the 530 message on the server end to really "SEE" what log on values have been passed to them. the AS400 client doesn't give me too much information for debugging.

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Get Wireshark on a computer and attach it to a hub between the 400 and the LAN switch. Watch the FTP traffic and you can see in clear text what is happening when doing an FTP session. FTP is not encrypted.

ok…but i am not at the host site, so does the host have to install the Wireshark software?

No, you can install it locally and perform the analysis at your end to see what the conversation looks like between the two hosts.

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  • mcl
    FTP from the AS400 is not all that much differant than FTP on anything else - at least for connection and login. The 530 error is coming from the host system you are connecting to and should indicate that either the User ID or the Password you are using are incorrect. User ID has to exist on the FTP Host you are connecting to... Those "humans" on the server side should have provided you with a user id and password to use. User ID and Password are probably case sensitive. Regards Mike
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  • Lacag
    Thanks Mike.... OK... the logon and password are both case sensitive. logon all lowercase and pasworrd uppercase with numerics. the " humans " on the other side say they can "see" the values that i am entering, and that they were valid. but still the logon attempt failed. i'm goin to re-initiate the conversation with the computer and the humans tomorrow. will keep you posted on the results. by the way, i only have this problem using the AS400 FTP session. I can logon with no problems if i use any PC with internet access i'v e done this countless times on other AS400's. but , i am merely an applications software developer. the IT techies ( used to be called operations) have always provided the access to the remote host systems so , im kinda at a loss. i have done all the TCP/IP configuration for the host, set up the route, started the route and can see the connection on the AS400 to the host after it has been established. also, a Mike
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  • mcl
    Well, you got me swinging... Any chance they are using a secure connection? (Just a wild guess) You might want to take a look at this redbook on FTP.. There is a client trace function that might be of help. Regards Mike
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