AS400 File Transfer using RUMBA Office V 7.3.0

We use RUMBA Office V 7.3.0 for AS/400 Display. We would like to restrict certain users from using the RUMBA AS/400 to PC File Transfer. Is there a way we can do this from the 400? The only reason that I ask is that we are a corporation and have more than 70 AS/400's. A user can use a sign on with *Signoff as the Initial Menu and still be able to transfer data from the 400 to their PC. This question is for any database gurus out there. If a user is transferring a file using the file transfer is there a chance that they could lock a file, thus halting production? Any help you can provide would be much appreciated. David

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To answer the last question first….Yes, there is the potential for a data transfer request to cause other requests to said file, to lock and therefore fail.

In terms of restricting the data transfer……

You can buy or write your own software to sit on the various exit points that control data transfers. (FTP, ODBC, etc). If you have money to spend, Vigilent from NetIQ is very good for this.

Alternatively, this might (and I stress the “might”….although, to be honest, I’m far from convinced that it will!!!) work for RUMBA (it certainly work for Client Access downloads)…..If you are running at V5R2 or higher, you can create an “Administration System” with Ops Nav and use the “Central Settings” to block use of file transfers (upload and/or download) on all 70 of your systems, in one easy stroke. You can even tailor the blocking to pre-defined users and groups.

This requires a fair bit of setup, and I would highly recommend you read the subject matter in InfoCentre, first.

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  • TomLiotta
    Note that "Administration System" requires cooperation from the client. If Rumba doesn't respect the setting or simply doesn't check, then it won't make a difference. Client Access (and its successors) is the only suite that should be assumed to be controlled. I have to wonder, why hand out (and pay for) file transfer software if the capability is simply going to be denied? Also, updates from clients can obviously cause interference. But I'd really be concerned if downloads interfered with normal maintenance. Those would be some pretty fragile maintenance processes. Tom
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  • RumbaSrini
    is there an option for file transfer menu to be enabled for mainframe using Rumba?
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  • CharlieBrowne
    RumbaSinri Please do not add questions to an old question. I see you did open a different RUMAB question. The answer for this is the same as the otehr . Check with MicoFocus the vendor for Rumba for support if this is relarted to the MS 7.0 questions.
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