AS400 Display file – inhibiting CS with color yellow

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AS/400 Display File
When the color of a field in an AS400 display file is defined as yellow (or turquoise), column separators are automatically displayed, irrespective of whether CS is indicated for the field. I have tried to inhibit the column separators but to no avail. The emulation software being used (BOSaNOVA) can do it - by unmarking "column separator" under Options-Preferences or by redefining the EBCDIC character for the column separator (to 4) under the same heading - so I am convinced there must be a way to do this from within the display file itself. Can anyone help?

Software/Hardware used:
AS400, BOSaNOVA emulation software

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Hello, I’m afraid it’s not possible. When IBM introduced colour display they failed to increase the display attribute area to implicitly define the colour attributes. They simply resued the existing green screen attributes. This is why you see column seperators when yellow is defined and . . . . underneath fields defined as TRQ. Sorry I can’t offer a solution. Regards Graham Street


It can’t be done in the way that you’d like. It is done either as a builtin function of the display device or the emulation software. In your example — BOSaNOVA — the emulation software has been written to make the drawing of those pixels optional.

The character attributes are still sent from the system. The emulation software just knows how to get around it when it renders the characters.


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  • Koohiisan
    I've never found a way either, aside from using options inside the emulator program itself. :( It's like specifying the blink only works with red due to the way IBM designed the 5250 data stream, IIRC. I like to use those colors for emphasis, but I also really detest the column separators. (I tried for like an hour to post this! Was TT having a problem or just me?)
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  • Zack
    Thank you to Graham, Tom and Koohiisan for your answers. Not, of course, the answer(s) I was looking for but nonetheless the issue has been clarified. Tom, further to your comment about a builtin function of the display device, I looked for a programmable device attribute that would overcome the problem. Unfortunately, I didn't find one. Zack
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  • ArthurAdams
    If you are using the Client Access 5250 emulator, you can turn column separators off permanently. Go to Display Setup, scroll down to Viewing and then select the appropriate column separator setting, which presumably will be 'off'.
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