How to use the DDM File in RPGLE Programs?

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I have created one DDM File in Server1 Based on Server2 File. I wrote one program to read the DDM File in Server1. I am getting RNF2120 (File Not found) While Compiling the Program. How to USe the DDM File in RPGLE Programs?

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Your RPG code does not need to know it is a DDMF.
You do your coding just as you would with any other file.
If you getting a FILE NOT FOUND on the compile, I would suggest you do not have the DDMF object in a library that is in your library list.

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  • rajeshece
    I have created one DDM Object in MYLIB. I declared that File in RPGLE Program like a normal File. I have included the MYLIB in Library List. Still I am getting the RNF2120 Error . PLease help me t solve this issue.
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  • CharlieBrowne
    This link will explain a possible authority problem.
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  • Adamwkiuk2002
    The other problem could be that the file the DDM is poining to does not exist, so the compiler can not retrieve the definition.
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  • rajeshece
    I am getting CPF3295 Error Messages
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  • Cwc
    If you run the DSPMSGD command, to view the text for the CPF3295 message, it gives some guidance: Message . . . . : Cannot extract or remove members on DDM file &1 in &2. Cause . . . . . : Either this system, or the target Distributed Data Management (DDM) system detected a condition that caused the extract or remove member request to fail. Recovery . . . : See the previous messages in the system log to analyze the conditions that caused the failure. Make the needed corrections, and then try the request again. So, look in your job log to see what previous messages were issued that will probably tell you the exact cause of the problem. It could be that the local system can't retrieve the physical file attributes from the remote system, due to a security or configuration issue.
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  • TheRealRaven
    CPF3295 is a message that tells you that other errors have happened and that you need to look back through the joblog. All the other errors need to be corrected.
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