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Can an AS/400 DB2 Sav file be restored or migrated to MS SQL Server or Oracle? If not, can non IBM program or script be used to parse data from a SAV file?

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For a SAVF the answer is No, A SAVF can contain multiple objects (files, programs, complete libraries, etc).

You can copy the data from a single file to a .csv and use that for migration.

Or you can write something yourself (using PHP or some other language) to read the AS400 file and run an SQL statement to INSERT the records into a MYSQL Table,

Or you can purchase a product to do this for you . RDBConnect is one I think of.

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  • ToddN2000
    Your best bet is to restore the file in question to a temp library. Next, save it off as a CSV file by using the data transfer process in client access or write a SQL script. Then use that new CSV file to populate the new SQL Server table.
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  • sbez742
    Use rex for rpg ,spun from tablet?
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  • TheRealRaven
    A savefile from an as AS/400-series source is a proprietary object that may contain any kind of object (including other savefiles), It becomes a type of DB2 physical file when it exists in a DB/2 for i system, but even then it's readable only by the appropriate system code and can only be used to recreate objects contained within it.

    They are not directly readable by code on other systems. To start, they're written with an EBCDIC character set rather than ASCII or a Unicode character set. Proper conversion must be done character by character just to get to a point where the proprietary data formats might be recognized.

    Since the formats are not intended for other systems, they aren't documented. The objects inside don't make sense on non-AS/400 systems any more than a Windows .EXE file makes sense to Unix.

    There are a few utilities available around the Internet to extract some data content from savefiles. Whether any might do any good for your particular savefile on your platform would be determined only by experimentation.
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