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Daylight Saving Time
Where can i find out the setting on the as/400, on when it auto change for Daylight Savings? I am new to the as/400.

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If you are running V5R3 or above it can be auto setup by the system value, QTIMZON…


QTIMZON system value (new in V5R3
Starting in V5R3 you can no longer explicitly specify a time zone value in QUTCOFFSET. QUTCOFFSET still exists but you cannot explicitly change it. Instead, you use the new V5R3 system value, QTIMZON. Using clearly defined “reserved word” values you specify your time zone plus or minus from Greenwich Mean Time. The value you specify in QTIMZON will cause a corresponding value to be placed into QUTCOFFSET. Example of “reserved word” values include QN0600UTCS (US Central Standard Time (-06:00 from Greenwich Mean Time), QP0900JST (Japan Standard Time), QP0530IST (Indian Standard Time), QP0100CET (Central European Time), and so forth.

With QTIMZON you can specify your unique time zone and optionally when the system clock is to be automatically changed between daylight savings time and standard time. This automatic time change is a new i5/OS function. You can change and view QTIMZON either through the i5/OS Work with System Value or Change System Value commands or through an iSeries Navigator session from a Windows client workstation.

Note that the following text under Time-zone related value describes how to use OS/400 LOCALE and or the java SystemDefault.Properties file and must be followed in releases V5R1 and V5R2 to get Java-based implementation to display the correct time for either standard or daylight savings times. If you have used the techniques described below on V5R1 and V5R2 and then upgrade your system to V5R3, these techniques should still take effect in V5R3. If the V5R3 system’s Java Virtual Machine detects their usage then it uses their settings – if QTIMZON contains its default value at system start (IPL).

You can leave your V5R1-V5R2 settings as is (described below) on V5R3 or set QTIMZON with the correct value(s) for your system. If you set your correct value in QTIMZON, the system will use those values and perform the automatic change between daylight and standard time, if also specified.

If you are on V5R3 and have never performed the steps described underTime-zone related value, setting up QTIMZON correctly makes changing between central and standard times easy and automatic.

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  • Leah Rosin
    I ran this by our expert Ken Graap from OS/400 uses time zone descriptions to perform Time Management for the system. This is explained quite clearly in the IBM InforCenter… Do a Search on “Time Management concepts.” Note: Include the “ … The IBM doc on Setting up time management provides a lot of info.
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  • slack400
    PTF's were released back in 2005 I think to help with the new Dates for Daylight saving. The updates for DST for i5/OS are available as: * V5R4M0 SI26040 and SI25990 * V5R3M0 SI26039 and SI25991 Link
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