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AS/400 commands
I need the short cut commands for the command line that allow me to do the following; Create a Table, Enter Record Data, Report Menu, Create a Report, Run Savings or Budget Report, and Return to DataBase Menu. Any help would be greatly appreciated thanks.

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Question is way to broad.

If you google AS400 short cuts it will give you a list of commands.

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  • TheHeck
    The AS400 does not function like an access database. What you are trying to do requires more thought in terms of design. What are you trying to do??? What data elements need to be included in my file or files??? What is the relationship between them and other files on your system. What is my report going to look like???, etc. Only once this has been defined can you even begin to think about creating "shortcuts" for users to use to create reports on their own...
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  • McSick
    Here's my response to your very vague request. Create a Table, To create a Physical File, you will need to create Physical File source (DDS) using STRPDM (Programming Development Manager) (option 3-Work with members) and then SEU (Source Edit Utility) (option 2-Edit) to type it in and then CRTPF (option 14-Compile) to create the object. Enter Record Data You can use STRDFU (AS/400 Data File Utility) to add data to fhe Physicla file you created Report Menu Create Display File source using STRPDM and then SDA (Screen Design Aid) (option 17), then use CRTDSPF (option 14) to create the object. You will need one I/O field defined to hold the menu option desired by the user. Then create CL program, STRPDM, SEU, use SNDRCVF to write and read your display file and interogate the option entered to determine what report to run. Create a Report If the report is simple, you can use WRKQRY command to create a Query/400 report. Run Savings or Budget Report Use RUNQRY command to run query (Add this to the CL program above for the Menu Option that specifies this report) Return to DataBase Menu. CALL <CLProgram> which will display the menu, check reply value and execute appropiate commands to run reports. You can opt to submit the RUNQRY command to batch or run it interactively. Use F3 to exit your CL program.
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  • Yorkshireman
    well, actually, you don't need DDS to create a file CRTPF will function without source - or you could use SQL or you could drop a file into the IFS area from windows, or use a proper operating system like OSX or linux, or my much loved OS2 That's the thing about iSeries, it does everything and more, so specific questions are needed. you could visit the IBM website - gazillions of manuals and redbooks there.
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  • jcmunoz118
    When I run a wrkqry for itemsqry after Iam done query completes fine .I use Call loaditmcl to load the wrkqry I run call loaditmcl application error. cee9901 unmoitored by loaditmcal at statement 0000000600, instruction x'000 this does work in our production side but in test I need it to be fixed.

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  • TomLiotta
    When I run a wrkqry for itemsqry...   Since that doesn't seem to have anything to do with this thread, I suggest that you open a new question of your own. Include details of your problem that would allow us to know how we might help.   Tom
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