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Receiving a BRM1934 error on a DUPMEDBRM when the receiving tape drive is locked protected, the system is auto responding with "D" but I do not have an auto response for this error in my reply list so where does it come from? My operators are not catching the issue since there is no break message for them. IBM support responded to the question by saying we could not code for the error. Could use some help with this one.

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If a reply is somehow being sent automatically for an IBM product and IBM Support cannot tell you why and you’re running V5R2 or later, then review the Reply Handling Exit Program exit point, QIBM_QMH_REPLY_INQ, with the WRKREGINF command. (This may apply to any inquiry message, but your question is about an IBM product.)

There might be a BRMS program enrolled there or some other program. And if there isn’t anything enrolled, you might consider enrolling a program of your own. You could override the reply or possibly just delay the reply until your exit program contacted an operator and received some direction.

But be careful of generating a new inquiry message out of your exit program! Use some other means of operator communication. This simply avoids potential recursion issues that you don’t need to deal with.


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  • TomLiotta
    Is this coming in a batch job or are your operators running the process interactively? Is this the only related message that appears? What are you wanting to change? I'd expect that you have operators attending and you'd like them to receive a notification so they can take an action and respond for a retry. Tom
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  • pdraebel
    You might want to look at your BRMS Policies, more specific your System Policy and look at the "Notification Controls".
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  • Cogit8
    There are some Global BRMS policies set from Operations Navigator only that relate to notification or message handling. The options are: > Reply is required > Use default message reply > Use system reply list Ensure this is set to "Reply is required".
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  • TomLiotta
    Ensure this is set to “Reply is required”. And if that works, do all other BRMS users a favor and complain loudly to/about IBM Support for missing such an obviously useful solution to your problem. You pay for support; you should have gotten a decent answer from them. (IMO!) Tom
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  • Venkatadri
    how to declare a variable in clp programming?
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