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We are using SEQUEL View point to execute some queries. We can achieve this using AS400 SQL statments itself. What is advantage of using SEQUEL View point?

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The GUI interface makes it much nicer for the none techie user.
The can run from their desktops

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  • IanSimmons
    The GUI. However the performance can be disappointing, at least at our release level, because it's not 'real' SQL. We do use it.

    Another advantage is that it supports output to XLS, XLSX etc. with emailing. That's very useful.
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  • TheRealRaven
    Overall, it's hard to say because we don't know how it's used at your site. In general, if there is a single feature that is in use that you can't duplicate with standard facilities and that provides a worthwhile benefit, then it's worth having the product.

    I've convinced management to get a license for SEQUEL before because of one or more features. OTOH, most sites had no good use for it.

    It depends. Same as with almost any product.
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  • azohawk

    I have not used the product for 10+ years. My impression in using the tool was that Viewpoint was intended to be something you could give to power users to allow them to create ad hoc queries without coming to IT all of the time.

    But, as has been stated "it depends on what the features are in your shop that you take advanage of and benefit you". 

    Depending on how much history you know of at your shop. It may have been purchased to handle a specific need that becuase of new options or personell changes have become lost or forgotten. 

    My experience with the product was that it was very slow.  (I one time rewrote from a series of (inhereted Sequel queries that took 12 minutes of  processor time to complete to a standard RPG program that provided more useful output layout that used 90 seconds for processor time--this may have been from a lack of experience on whoever wrote the Sequel queries but there wasn't that much data to process). The last couple of places that I have worked, between standard system Query and SQL and being able to download files directly into a spreadsheet, I just haven't seen a need for Sequel. 

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  • BigKat
    in recent versions of SEQUEL you can create "dashboards" that can present a quick glance view of daily sales or orders shipped in last hour, etc. as stop lights (good, caution, problem), dials/speedometers.  
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