AS 400 LIC Backup

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AS/400 backup
We have a 1986 model AS400 that is about to crash. IBM offers no support and we need steps to the License Internal Code back up. If anyone can point me in the right direction I would greatly appreciate it!

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You should be able to use SAVSYS to take a complete backup of the system except for the user libraries and DLO objects. You will need to have the system in restricted state (no other jobs or subsystems active). I would suggest you do the following :-

Preferably from the console (otherwise use TFRJOB to transfer your interactive session into your controlling subsytem). Change QSYSOPR message queue to *BRAK mode. Issue the ENDSYS command. You should receive a break message when the system is in restricted mode (otherwise keep an eye on QSYSOPR). Start the SAVSYS command. Once the SAVSYS command is completed, restart your system with an IPL using PWRDWNSYS RESTART(*YES).

If you need backups of the user libraries and DLO’s you can do a SAVLIB *NONSYS and a SAVDLO before you restart your system.

As an alternative you can use GO SAVE then option 21 to save entire system (this does the SAVSYS, SAVLIB *NONSYS and the SAVDLO for you).


Martin Gilbert.

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  • Cwc
    1986?? That's two years before the system was introduced - prior to its introduction, it was only known as Silverlake.
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  • Gilly400
    Hi, I was wondering about that too. Wonder what model it is? 1986 I was was still working on S/36 and S/38. By the way, if it's a S/36 or S/38 (or even S/34...) the above instructions don't apply... Regards, Martin Gilbert.
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  • mcl
    Seems like backing up the LIC is pointless - anything you would run it on would not be supported anyway is the system is that old. More important would be backing up your user libraries (programs and data). At least you have a chance of doing something with that. But, like what has already been said - exactly what model is the system? "AS/400" covers a lot of differant models. Regards Mike
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