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How can I archive emails from lotus notes?

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There are two methods to archive your email:

I.Archive Now – Archives documents that have not been modified in
over 365 days, or whatever time period was entered in the default
configuration settings.

Archive is automatic and based on settings.

Steps To Archive And Open Your Lotus Notes Email 6.5

II.Archive Selected Documents – Archives only the documents that
you have check marked.

To Archive Select Documents

1) In your mail folder, place a check mark next to the files you wish to
transfer to the Archive.
2) Select Actions -> Archive -> Archive Selected Documents.
3) The “Move to Archive Destination” window will appear.
4) Select the “OK” button to confirm the archive location.

Opening Your Archive
1) Go to your email Inbox.
2) Go to: Tools -> Archive -> Default for Last Modified.
3) Double-click on “Default for Last Modified”
Your Archive database will open. The archive looks similar to your mail Inbox
and displays the emails that have been downloaded to your hard drive. Close
out the database when you are finished by clicking out.
The archive database has File Drawer icons.

Returning To Your Regular/Current Email Inbox:
Switch or click onto your other Inbox folder.

Do not perform archiving on more than one computer. Archiving will move
your selected archive mail to the local computer desktop and can only be viewed
at that computer. Archived mail cannot be duplicated at more than one

How long does it take for the computer to archive email?

Depending on the size of the database and to allow time for the file download, you may
wish to schedule your archive before lunch or at the end of the work day and let it
run. A large archive will take significant amount of time.

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  • Calculus
    I what would really like to do is have folder with all my emails( on my computer) - despite doing all that you recommend i continuously get a reminder that my in box is too full.
    15 pointsBadges:
  • Stiletto
    What exactly is the msg you're getting? Check your archive settings and make sure it is set to remove msgs from the mail file after they've been archived.
    5,545 pointsBadges:
  • Wolfen
    Assuming that the emails are being removed form the mail file have you tried running compact on the file?
    400 pointsBadges:
  • Gabe9527
    You should be running a compact -B nightly via a program document to allow for the white space to be removed. Also you should check you quota management section in the server document (no brace yourself) it is under transactional logging (who would have though) and make sure it checks your quota on extending you file.... not adding a note.
    11,095 pointsBadges:
  • Karimova
    I did archive my lotus all messages. but in server showed 1gb :( how can help me???
    10 pointsBadges:

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