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I use Microsoft Office Outlook. How do I store (archive) all my email from 2008 on a CD and have them completely removed from my computer? I want them to be formatted of the CD in a way that I can insert the cd and with ease open the emails and not have to reload the emails or change the format or something.

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from the file menu, archive, select folders , subfolders, select older than date, include items marked do not archive. Create the .pst and burn it to a CD/DVD. You can also archve from tools|option|other|autoarchive and then run from there. There is an option here to delete email messages when archiving.

When you archive Outlook creates a .pst file named archive.pst. It will be created in a hidden folder on the hard drive unless you specifically tell it to be created somewhere else when you set it up. When you go to file, archive, the window that pops up shows you the path to where the .pst file will be created. You can change the path there to the desktop if you wish. It makes it easier to find. You can also re-name the .pst file to the year 2008 or whatever you wish. Once it has been created and you burn it to cd then to view it you will load the cd, open outlook, go to file, open, outlook data file and browse to the cd to open the file. It will open as a separate folder on your folder list. All the formatting will remain the same. You just have to use outlook to view the archive file. There are third-party tools which can open .pst files, but I don’t know of any that are free. As long as you have outlook you will be able to view the mail in the .pst file.
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If you want to just open email files off the CD. Drag and drop the emails from Outlook to a folder; this will create MSG files which you can just open by double clicking. Then burn the folder on a CD. When you want to open them again. Just pop in the CD and double click on the individual file.

If using a PST format, you will need to copy the information to a drive where you can change the file attributes from READ-ONLY. Outlook will not permit you to open a READ-ONLY PST.


You need a writable media to be able to read your PST file. You should use a USB stick that has the capability of write protection after you are done using it with Outlook.

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  • Adventuredev
    I apologize for being slightly confused, but it almost seemed like the bottom contradicted the top. That is more than likely b/c this is just hard for me to understand, but regardless one section seemed the easiest. Can I simply: Drag all the emails directly from inside Outlook to a folder on my desktop. Then burn that folder. I can delete all the emails from outlook and my desktop, and then later (from any computer with outlook?) just put in the cd and click and open directly from the CD?
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  • Troy Tate
    No - the PST must not be READ-ONLY. Files on a CD have the READ-ONLY flag set so you will not be able to open the PST from the CD. However, if you just drag the message to the folder and then burn the folder with MSG files, then I believe it would work.
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