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My boss recently asked me if one of their accounting softwares could be connected to their branch offices using our DSL. Is this possible if so then what are the methods please specify where i can get information about each!

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More information needed:

Your boss asked if one of “their accounting softwares could be connected…”. Who is/are “they”? If you are asking if you can create a connection to a client – server based accounting system using a DSL line as the physical WAN link, yes you can. The question then becomes how do you allow access (either from “them” to you or from you to “them”) from the client network to the target network?

What OS are you using? If Windows, there are several ways this can be done, including creation of an AD account for guest access and creation of a VPN account (which might also require set up of a VPN access server or access point), or a simple RDP (or Dameware or VNC or…) session into the server .

If you are using a Mac based system, SSH should work, as well as a number of other UNIX/Linux methods with which I’m not entirely familiar.

OS/400 (iOS)??? No knowledge….

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  • Labnuke99
    Client/server applications do not always function well over extended networks. They may be configured to only run in a LAN environment. Your remote users may not get the performance or reliability they are expecting. You need to discuss this configuration with the software application vendor and have them help you understand the issues you might face in a distributed environment. As the previous response said, terminal services may be the right answer for users to have remote access to this application. You will need to ask the software vendor about this option also.
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  • Bobkberg
    Labnuke99 and Pressler2904 are right on, but I'd like to add a couple of things based on the way you phrased your question. Are you the IT person for this group? Do you have an IT person? Your question hints that neither you nor your boss are technical. The first things to sort out are basic connection issues. - Do both sites have high speed Internet Access (DSL, Cable, Fractional T-1, etc.) - Does the main office have a static (fixed or assigned) IP address? - Does the remote site have a static IP Address? (this would be helpful for access control) - What sorts of equipment (servers, routers, firewalls, etc.) does each office have? - If you have an IT person who is not involved in this discussion - get them involved. Please write back with more information. Bob
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