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Application: Companion EMR. I have a Toshiba Tablet that was working fine. Now it will not allow the client application to access the server portion. The server is on another network, in the 192.168.0.x, this laptop will not access the server unless it is in the same network, when in .2 or .4 networks, i get a connection error. I am using DHCP, and getting a good address, all other computers and tablets work fine so it must be specific to this tablet. Like I said, it was working, I tried to install Watchgaurd MUVPN on it, but could not get it to work, so uninstalled MUVPN. Now the tablet will only access the server from that LAN. I have reinstalled the networking protocols as well. Query for more info! Thanks

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Changing the nature of my question. I fixed the problem by adding the IP address and server to the c:windowssystem32driversetchosts file. The only line in that file, besides the exclude lines was: localhost

I understand the basics of what is going on, but still the question is, why did I have to do this and how can I fix it so that I should not have to do this? Additional info,
Windows XP Pro, SP2, all updates.

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  • AdTechJO
    You mentioned that you are using DHCP. Make sure that the lease is not for ever. Set it for Daily so that it refreshed IP address. The second thing is that if you have different scopes defined for each network, make sure that you add the MAC address in reserved for your tablet each with the different Subnet of each scope
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  • petkoa
    Hi gforsythe, If you can fix a problem by adding an address/name pair in whatever/whatever/whatever/hosts, then you have a DNS problem, period. DHCP server should provide a DNS server address to your tablet, so maybe some fake/incorrect DNS server address(es) are left after uninstall of MUVPN. Check this. BR Petko
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  • Mortree
    Yup local DNS server and gateway address important. And Internet DNS server won't help though as it doesn't know about servers on your private networks.
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  • Spadasoe
    Another thing to check: subnet mask; if the masks are different, could be a route problem. If you can't ping the server, try adding a persistent route to the subnet the server is on.
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  • Gforsythe
    I am convinced that it is a DNS issue, isolated to the laptop itself, resoning: 1. All other pc's at that location function fine, similar/identical settings. 2. I can ping the server IP address, but not the server name. 3. Adding a persistant entry into the ..etchosts file allowed the system to work fine. What stands as a question is, why windows xp is not getting the DNS info and routing as it should, by itself. I have come to rely on Microsoft's smoke and mirrors of network management vs. the old Linux method of manual entry.
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