Any way to view all C: drive files by size?

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Microsoft Windows XP
I'm looking for a way to recursively list all files on a Windows XP C: drive and sort them by size, similar to what you'd do with "ls -R" in Unix. Is there any way to do this?

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Check out JDiskReport. There is a LS.exe utility that used to be available at However that link no longer works. The readme.txt says File List Generator v1.53 (July 19, 2003) – This tool collects the information about files and sub-folders under the specified folder or drive and generates the list in your preferred format.You can individually specify your desired information types to include in the list.You can even customize the listing order and sorting priorities.The output format of the list can be chosen from txt, html, and csv (Excel’s primitive file format).
Here’s a site that may have this LS utility.

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  • AroundTheWorld
    Beautiful. That is exactly what I needed.
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  • carlosdl
    If you like UNIX, you might want to try Cygwin, a linux-like environment for Windows. You can use that "ls -R" and run many other linux comands on top of your windows installation. It's free, and I like it very much.
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  • petkoa
    Hi, Another excellent shareware tool is Total Commander ( ). It has a "leaf view" (all files from all subdirectories of a directory, or the whole disk if you are pleased). In the "leaf view" you can sort all these files by size, date, name, extension, etc. You also can search files in e.g., all local disks, by some criteria (string or regex in the names, age, size, string or regex in the contents), then feed the found files to the "listbox" and perform an operation on all them irrespective of location. And finally, there is a couple of plugins for the TC, which can put all the information about found (or just selected) files into files with different formats - one with a lot of information from the file system - size, creation date, permissions - for cataloging purposes, another one - just with full paths, for inclusion into scripts/batch files. Though I use some "ls -lRtr " or some "find . -size +100000c", in 99% of searches (that's because of the % of time I spend in linux), I really miss sometimes the Total Commander BR, Petko
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  • ToddN2000
    The tools mentioned here work fine. If you are looking to create some free disk space by removing some large files from the C: drive just make sure you do not remove any system files. It's a good idea to back your system up before you do any disk cleanup. Microsoft has a link here where you can add a print feature to do something similar. You just right click a folder and select print directory. LINK.
    We modified it a bit to do sub folders by using this

    @echo off
    dir %1 /-p /s/o:gn > "%temp%\Listing"
    start /w notepad "%temp%\Listing"
    del "%temp%\Listing"

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  • ToddN2000
    We just tweak it a bit more and load to an Excel file for sorting by size. You can play around with the .BAT file a bit to get it to do what you need.
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