any solution for this virus/spyware

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Virus removal
I got a weird symptom in my computer.
  • Can not access Microsoft download website
  • Can not get updated spyware data (Zone Alarm), but it works with anti virus data
  • All of those symptom cause of connection failure.
  • Sometimes if I click in browser, it will open another browser.
I use Zone Alarm as firewall, antivirus, anti spyware. I have scanned for antivirus and anti spyware to my harddisks, but can't detect it. Later, I tried with Ad-Aware, still can't detect it. Any solution? Thanks, Hendi

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I agree with Jenny.

I would download and install Spybot Search & Destroy, and some other anti-malware software, such as Malwarebytes.

Update both of them, reboot in safe mode (without networking), and run a scan with both tools.

Another program to try is AVG’s Anti-Root Kit program. It has helped me on a few occasions for some real difficult malware removals.
Good Luck!

Try GMER also for rootkit detection. Remember to turn off the System Restore option in XP as it may try to restore infected files the next restart. See this McAfee document for information about disabling System Restore on XP.


Many thanks to Jenny, Flame, Carlosdl, Labnuke99., finally my computer gets well.

Here what I have done:
– ZoneAlarm doesn’t provide offline updating virus definition data
– i tried to install Spybot S&D, but the spyware/virus/worm/malware block me to install it. Installation need to access internet, that’s the virus block.
– I tried to install Malwarebytes and it worked, as well as updating the definition data.
– I restarted with safe mode and scanned all hard disks. It found 17 files infected, some cause by Trojan something, others I don’t remember.
– restart, then my computer works well.

Lucky, the virus doesn’t block Malwarebytes.



If you suspect that your computer system has been infected with unknown viruses or spyware programs, you have to immediately backup all the important files stored in your hard disk drive. Then, perform a full system scan of your system to detect possible risks and viruses.

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  • JennyMack
    Hi Heidi, When I worked in a college helpdesk setting, we usually had a protocol for getting to the nasty viruses that dug themselves into student computers. I would try a few things: - If you cannot get updated anti-spyware definitions due to the virus, you can likely grab the newest definitions file off of their website and put it on a flash drive. Then you can just overwrite your existing definitions file with the newest version by replacing it in the folder. - Is your AdAware up to date? - How are you running your scans? Update all of your scanning software to the latest version and then boot your computer in safe mode without networking (tapping F8 on startup). I would run McAfee (as you would run Zone Alarm), AdAware, and Spybot Search & Destroy concurrently in safe mode, and that usually caught more than when I ran them on a normal boot. - As mentioned, Spybot Search & Destroy is a good tool, and the best part -- it's free. S&D and AdAware tend to catch different things, with some overlap. Hope this helps! Jenny Community Manager
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  • Kevin Beaver
    In situations like this it can also be of benefit to try a different browser such as Firefox. This is for 2 reasons: 1) to see if you have the same behavior in the other browser and 2) to see if you can download the tools you desperately need to fix the problem! Glad you got it fixed...
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  • Rklanke
    SPAM alert: SpywareCease is malware.
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  • Abc123456
    The weird symptoms show that your PC had been attacked by spyware. You are recommended to use Spyware Cease to remove the spyware immediately!
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  • Abc123456
    Rklanke 1035 pts. | Dec 4 2009 6:02PM GMT SPAM alert: SpywareCease is malware. Rklanke is totally wrong with saying this! Spyware Cease is a professional anti-spyware tool shared among worldwide users!
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  • Markempee
    There might be different problems related to your anti virus programs. You cannot access the MS download website or anti-virus software updated because of you firewall settings restricting the access. However, it might also be already infected with virus, remember that virus programs have the ability to attach itself and modify even the anti virus files.
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