Antivirus software

Antivirus software
Is it not recommended to have more than 1 anti virus software? On your computer, and if it's not, why? & why would you want to go out & install your own anti virus when more all the carriers (Comcast, AT&T, Clear, etc.) supply it with their product. Or to flip the script so to speak, why would the carriers supply it if it's not recommended to have or run more than one at a time?? I would think thy would just go out & buy & install whatever anti virus they want, to use. (& truth be told, I'm don't know how you disconnect the anti virus that comes with the package), cause doesn't it start-up automatically, & start scanning when you turn on your computer?? I'm obviously not the sharpest knife in the drawer when it comes to all this "Cyber-knowledge" But that's why I'm here. So sorry if some of my questions seem too elementary. I'm familiar with a lot of the more technical stuff, that I just picked up either from other people or had a reason to use it so I just kinda jumped in & "Shoot from the Hip", ( if you know what I mean). but there are a lot of the basic things that I never had to deal with so when they come up I'm a little lost with some of it. Anyway Thanks,

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Norton, Mcafee, etc.

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The answer is very simple! If you use two antivirus software at the same time the two antivirus features would collide and cause damage to your system! Its better to go with a antivirus software that has the high security features enclosed in it. There are dozens of free antivirus software that exist which are good in securing your system from most of the major internet attacks. Some of the antivirus software includes Avast, Comodo, Kaspersky etc. 

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  • carlosdl
    Take a look at this similar question:
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  • TomLiotta
    This isn't really the place to come for you. This isn't a training site, but a site for IT professionals to help each other with problems. However, it's true you should not run more than one AV product at a time unless both AV vendors tell you that they are compatible with the other. There are multiple ways that different security products that try to perform the same functions can interfere with each other, potentially causing both to work incorrectly. It's rarely an issue to have both installed. It's usually only a problem having both activated. However, that's not guaranteed. Tom
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  • Ashgop
    yup if you have multi antivirus software in your PC means it will slows down your PC performance and so it's better to have one best antivirus software like Comodo, Avast etc....
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