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what is the best free anti-virus program available?

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The PC Tools Anti-Virus received some good reviews

You will have a job beating this. AVG link.
AVG Awarded PC Authority Best Software Award
AVG recently attended the Australian PC Authority Magazine Reliability and Service Awards and were finalists in the ‘Best Software’ category. AVG scored ‘Highly Commended’ for their AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition and scored the 2nd highest rating for user satisfaction.

December 3, 2007
AVG Anti-Virus Free is the Most Popular Program on CNET
GRISOFT announced that AVG Anti-Virus Free is the number one downloaded program on all of CNET Additionally, AVG Anti-Virus Free is the first most popular and Anti-Virus Pro is the third most popular antivirus based on Editor’s Choice. CNET is a well-referenced site and is part of CNET Networks, an internationally established online publication and host to technology news and reviews.
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October 18, 2007 .

I would have to agree on AVG. I use both free and paid and am happy with both. An alternative I found that is also open source, installed on Mac but Win32 version is also available is Clam AV

Buddy Farr here, I would agree that both AVG and Clam AV are GREAT AV programs.

Eddie Here, i would agree that AVG works but another option is to use avast, it is fast and effective like avg but has a little different view that to some people will help.

I believe that any antivirus software for any computer system would work. This is because all antivirus software are carefully developed to specifically scan and delete potential threats on your computer system. However, based on my experience, CA Antivirus works best for XP and Vista 32 bit operating systems while Norton Internet Security works for my Windows 7 PC.

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  • jinteik
    for free, AVG will actually do you good
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  • thongtarget21
    I agree with jinteik. I was skeptical about AVG but now Iike it.
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  • Scribble
    I have to disagree i like avast home as a free anti virus program. I have run avast scan on a few machines that were protected by avg and found plenty of trojans and malware that avg did not pick up. I must be honest i believe avg lies to you. NOT A FAN OF AVG. You guys should try avast you might like it..
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  • Markempee
    When we talk about free antivirus software, they are almost the same in efficiency. As long as the free antivirus is updated with the latest virus database, you won't have any problem. However, it is still recommended that you purchase the full license to enjoy all the features of the antivirus software.
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  • shazaim
    Well, if you’re using Microsoft windows the best antivirus is Microsoft Security Essential. This will never slow your computer performance. Or else you may try Avira antivirus, this will not slow your computer and will give you the best performance just like the leading antivirus in the market. Please visit following link for more information on this problem.
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  • TomLiotta
    ...if you’re using Microsoft windows the best antivirus is Microsoft Security Essential.   I see no reason to think of it as the best. I haven't seen more than a few reviews that consider it at or next to the top. C/net rates it well down its current lists, ranking it at #12 and #20 (for MSE 64-bit). And PC World performed a general comparison of seven free AV products, and MSE only rated the fifth spot. (Many well known AV products were not included, so it's reasonable to expect it would drop lower as more products were added.)   Beyond any reviewer ratings, my personal opinion is that MSE should only be used until an appropriate product can be installed. Its use should be limited to temporary protection while obtaining something else. IMO, Microsoft should not be in that business at all, most especially with a free product. It can only harm the current robust business of investigating Windows vulnerabilities, and that cannot be a good thing for anyone whether enterprise customer, small business or personal, whether security software vendor or simple user. Everybody would lose (except MS, at least in the short term).   As for the 'techyv' link, I've yet to see a single link posted in ITKE to that site that was worth visiting. Most links result in incorrect or misleading information, and that particular link is completely useless. It adds no information at all to the subject of this ITKE question, and the question at 'techyv' isn't even covered as well as it is here.   Maybe worst of all is the 'Download now' banner ad that I saw at the top of the 'techyv' thread. The ad doesn't identify what will be downloaded if you click the link. No product name, no company name. No way am I going to click it if I'm a visitor. It's probably (possibly) a rotating ad, though it showed up both times for me. And I have no reason to believe it's anything but a valid ad/download; but it doesn't inspire any confidence.   Tom
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