An email that has been filtered to junk mail for no apparent reason…HELP!!!

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One of the guys has recieved an important email a week ago but didn't realise until today as it was filtered into junk mail. The email was sent from a contact that he often receives emails from and filters into his inbox as normal without a problem.

I have checked the email for any sexual references that may have been picked up but found nothing. It is a legitamet company email. (Unable to provide details of the email due to it being to a trading department from an investment bank and therefore holds confidentional info). The guy has no rules setup in his outlook and i have checked his junk mail filter which is set to low (the same as mine). The email was not quarinitined as it managed to go through message labs without a problem and was not blocked. If i forward the message from his junk mail to my email it goes straight into my onbox...The guy has received an email since this occassion from the same contact of which was filtered into his inbox.


ANy ideas why this would have been filtered into his junk mail??

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Windows XP, Outlook 2003

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This would not be something that his Outlook would control if no rules are in place. Exchange may have the IMF feature in place. If you do, then you may be able to see the “score” that e-mail had obtained.

Article describing feature:

The easy solution would be the next time an email from this person goes to the junk mail folder to right click on it and tell Outlook to trust all emails from that person.

If emails end up in the junk mail it is because something has tripped a flag within Outlook to move the email there. It could be a bunk mail score put in by the exchange server, or another email scanning tech, of there were to many links, or embedded graphics, etc.

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  • carlosdl
    The e-mail server being used was not specified, and it could be an important piece of information here.
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  • Moto
    Are you only using the junk email feature in Outlook or do you have a third party program? Outlook mainly looks at the address and not the content when i tested it. also forwarding the message to another mailbox will not consider it as junk since its sent from a safe sender.
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