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Hi all, I have one desktop running on AMD sempron 2200. In my home network. It?s clock speed is 1.5 GHz as per manufacture?s specification. but in system properties It showing only 800 MHz. OS is using XP SP2. But it working very smoothly. Anybody have any idea about why it likes this?

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what does your bios report? Check your bios manual you may have to paly with some of the settings to get the throughput you want

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  • Slsman
    the cpu speed is not set in the OS, but it can be controlled in the BIOS, check there and you can in many cases change the cpu speed
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  • HenryH
    There are various bits of software on the AMD WWW site which allow you to underclock (save energy) with the AMD CPUs. You may have something like this installed. Have a look on the AMD WWW site (I can't remember the URL at the moment as I have juse returned from a book launch about wine - not the Mac/Win emulation software) and I am sure that you will find something which will tell you what your CPU is 'really doing. As I write this my dual 3800 is doing 100Mhz @ 1.1V (when it is 'working' it is something like 2000Mhz @ 1.5V. Read the instructions as you have to load the AMD software AS WELL as setting Doze to use it!!
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  • NickShm
    Sorry for this stupid question... but... are you kidding? :) Do you know what 800Mhz and 1.5Ghz mean??! Don't touch anything in the BIOS. Everything's fine
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  • EDtHeAd
    Many mainboards have a jumper to switch between 100 mhz CPU Multiplier Frequency and 133 or 166 mhz. 166mhz is what is specified for this chip, and the Clock Multiplier is 9x. 9x x 166 = ~1500. If yours is one of those and is set at 100, then your chip would be running at 900 mhz -not 800 - because the default and AMD specified clock multiplier for this chip is 9x. Some BIOSs have the ability to change the multiplier on some chips as well. Your computer is running "smoothly" because it appears to be set to run much slower than it is rated to. Chips are rated to run at the highest stable speed they test at. If you are not comfortable researching your specific mainboard, processor (there are two different Sempron 2200+), and BIOS and then making the correcting changes, consult a local qualified and reputable repairman.
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  • Gshughes
    This is a normal problem. The newer chips are not detectable by Windows because of Front Side Bus, Dual Cores, and other design features. MS isn't in the business of chips, so its a best guess at speed from Windows. I see this very frequently in Virtual OS's as well. Windows only knows so much. Cordially, Geoff Hughes
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  • Enterprisephil
    I guess some information is required. You need to check what vendor supplied your motherboard (m/b) and we are not informed whether the desktop was provided by the desktop vendor. If they have done you a "shocker", you probably have a mobile chip on your desktop m/b whose BIOS or even the m/b physically cannot clock up the speed to above 800Mhz. If your m/b vendor does not have an updated BIOS then obviously they do not undertake to support the Sempron chipsets higher than 800Mhz. Which means that you need to return the PC to the vendor. If you updated the m/b or CPU yourself, you need to return them for a true desktop CPU supported m/b. The Mobile AMD Sempron chip will be incompatible with your desktop m/b. Another link for more reading....
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  • Buddyfarr
    there is also a program called CPUInfo that you can download that will tell you the actual speed of your processor instead of letting windows guess at it.
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