Alternate way to stop Oracle Services on Win 2K Server

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Our database server is a Machine running Windows 2K Server. We make our backups stopping the Oracle Service and then copying the files to other location (and then to tape), but in order to do this, the user loged in on the server must be an administrator, and this is a problem, because the backup is made by an operator, who should not have administrator rights. Do you know if there's a way to stop Services in Win 2K with a normal user loged in ? Is there a way to run an application (Forms,C++,any other) which internally uses an administrator account and send a command to the OS to stop the oracle service ? Any help or comment will be appreciated.

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I would recommend that you use RMAN to create your backups. You can create a script that the operator can run that will generate hot full, hot incremental or cold backup. This is preferable to stopping the service especially if you are stopping the service through the windows interface. If you stop the service through the windows interface it issues a Shutdown Abort which will leave you with inconsistent datafiles and has the potential of corrupting your database.

In the script you can specify a user that has sysdba privileges and then the operator can log on with their own account and run the script.

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  • Stephenboothuk
    I'd reccomend using RMAN to do the backup without shutting down the database. If you've configured Enterprise Manager then you can use that to automate RMAN. If you insist on shutting the database down and doing a file backup then you can use Enterprise Manager (if configured) to shutdown Oracle and restart it.
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  • GustavoBrazil
    You can use the commands SHUTDOWN and STARTUP on SQL*Plus (if you use 8i or older use SVRMGR). You must logon "AS SYSDBA" or "AS SYSOPER". Ex: CONN USER/PWD@ALIAS AS SYSOPER
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  • Stephenboothuk
    Whilst using shutdown from within SQL*Plus or svrmgrl *should* work it leaves the service running. Experience has shown that this can cause problems with backups (anything from slowing the backup down (common) through to corrupting the datafiles (rare, but it happens)). Enterprise Manager uses an SNMP service running on the server to shutdown the Oracle database service.
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