Allow terminal server users to install ActiveX control without being local admin?

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How do I allow terminal server users, that do not have local administrative rights, to install a specific ActiveX control? When they try to install it currently, they get an access denied message, and I have to run it as a domain admin, which is a local administrator in order to install it. I do not want to manually install it for all the terminal server users, and I do not want to make all the terminal server users local admins.
Is there a easy way to do this? 

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It is not a good idea to let users install anything on a terminal server ! The reasons behind that, if a user does affects the environment, it goes wrong for many users, so a problem for one could lead to a problem for many and there is no monitoring procedure to monitor their activities or for install things. U may see the IE’s (or whatever u use) Advanced Security settings as well as the UAC. for preventing the users to activate ActiveX components.

My recommendation is….
U may proceed by installing this as a template user, then copying that to the default user !

Hope it may help u !

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  • Sixball
    GPO's can push settings for installs on PC's w/o having to be a local admin to do it...
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  • Ezelder
    Rechil, that is a great practice and I agree. But do you have a solution that answers the actual question? (not being rude, read on) I ask because we have web based apps that use ActiveX. These applications recieve updates every 2-3 months on average and generally the ActiveX has to be updated as well. So, how can specific ActiveX packages be pushed out without the local user being an admin?
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  • Subhendu Sen
    @Ezelder, If u have any Question, please create a New Question. It helps to view more and more community members and u may get solid answers / solutions ! I will definitely come back on the same topic. Hope u will understand and supply ur Q with full details.
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  • Ingram87
    I didn't think he was asking a new question. It looks like the exact same question I was asking. I still can't figure this out. I don't know how to use group policy to either, push out the activeX control or allow the user to install the activeX control. Does anybody else have some experience in this area?
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  • otg

    Well since you are running Windows Server 2008 you can install the Microsoft Hotfix 258241

    This will install the Microsoft ActiveX Installer Service.

    AXIS (Microsoft ActiveX Installer Service) is designed to allow non-admin users the ability to install ActiveX controls from trusted sources.

    You will need to configure a few GPO's to tell AXIS what sites you trust and when your users access websites that prompt for ActiveX installs, AXIS will be invoked to download and install the control for the user.

    The whole process is pretty cool and makes things so much easier on you :-)


    Anyways if you are looking for a full, secure solution or just want to know more about how the whole AXIS thing works take a look at the knowledge base article 


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