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If I have a database that has agents with restricted access (set on the Agent Properties > Security tab) and I make a copy of the database for use as a template, the restricted agents are not included in the copy. When I make the copy, I choose the options for Database Design Only and Access Control List. Does anyone know what I am doing wrong so that I don't get these restricted agents? This occurs whether I am using Notes 6.5.6 client or 8.0.2, so I don't think it is a version issue.

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Windows XP

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I’m confused – is the problem that you’re not getting the agents or that you are? If the problem is that you’re not getting them, then you need to make sure that the server(s) can see them. For example, you may need to make sure that LocalDomainServers is selected in the Agent Properties > Security tab. HTH.

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  • Brooklynegg
    Stiletto: The problem is that I am not getting the the agents in the copy. We only have two servers, and they are listed directly in the ACL. I had selected each of them in the Agent Security tab, but had not assigned access to the group LocalDomainServers. However, I have the same settings on other agents that were included in the copy. The difference appears to be that in agents that are included in the new copy, my name was assigned in the list Agent Security list. On ones that were not included, a group that I am in was included, yet the agent did not copy. The group that gives me access to the agent is also in the default group LocalDomainAdmins. I wonder if I included LocalDomainAdmins in the list, whether this would make the agents become available to Database Copy. I will give that a shot and see what happens.
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  • Gabe9527
    It sounds like you dont have access to the agents rather than the servers. Ie you are trying to replicate the databases manually and this is the cause. Add yourself to the ACL as Manager and test or use the admin process to create the replicas.
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  • Brooklynegg
    I am a manager of the database. I can change all design elements in any way I wish. If I restrict access to an agent and include myself, but not others, then make a copy of the database, the restricted agents are not included. A workaround would be to create the copy, then delete all the agents, return to the source database and copy-paste them to the new copy. I think I will do this from now on, as I can't understand the issue and have not seen a resolution that is helpful. thanks for responding to my question.
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