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Hi, I really hope someone can shed some light on a problem we've been having as after a 86 hour week my brain just isn't thinking straight anymore. For the purposes of this post I will refer to the domains as DOMAIN1 (NT) and DOMAIN2 (Child domain in 2003 Forest) We are in the process of migrating an NT4 domain (DOMAIN1) to 2003 domain (DOMAIN2) All the OU structure, GPO's etc are in place and are replicating happily between the sites etc so we are fairly confident that the problems we are having are DOMAIN1 related. All the usual reg keys (TCPClientSupport etc) have been setup, Domain admins groups been made members of both domain's Administrators group as per the ADMT white paper. Two way trusts are in place with two domains and have been verified. The NT4 Domain currently sends handles the DHCP side of things and the DNS/WINS. Here is what is going wrong: 1. Cannot copy the profiles, getting an error stating that it cannot write ntuser.dat to the registry as access is denied but as far as I can tell we have full admin rights on both domains and the client device too. 2. When we migrate the client devices it goes through all the motions, despatches the agent and reboots the box. When the user comes to log on it says that DOMAIN2 is unavailable. I'm pretty certain that this is because it has no visability of the new domain because there are no WINS DNS settings being passed to it relating to the new domain (if i add details in LMHosts file on client they can log on ok) - Presumably the information for DOMAIN2 must be part of the DHCP settings that get allocated via DOMAIN1? The even messier problems arise once the user tries to access MS Outlook 2000, all that happens is a dialogue box stating "Outlook cannot start" ! ADMT in the lab environment worked perfectly which leads me to believe that all the problems we are having in live are to do with the legacy DOMAIN1. HELP PLEASE!!

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Since your able to establish a logon by adding static entries into your LMHosts files on your clients, this would tell me the problem or part of it, is DNS related. LMHosts is basically a ‘local’form of DNS. Iron out your resolution issues between the two domains and things should start falling into place.

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  • Jpdavey
    Correction to petrol's post - LMHosts has to do with WINS & NetBios. DNS is the Hosts file. If your newly migrated boxes aren't using the new DOMAIN2 DNS (WINS is not important if the clients are XP/2000) you *will* have problems.
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  • Papalazarou
    Thanks guys, been pondering on what the DHCP on domain1 was sending out and took a look this morning, also the other network that uses QIP for DNS didn't have any records for the new domain. Gonna put the changes in place tonight so fingers crossed.
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