Figured out – Adminp Rename Process – Administrative Server connection?

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Domino 8.5.2
Lotus Domino
Appeared to be an ACL issue. Made sure Primary Admin server was in ACL of Domino Directory and in Admin database.

I have a java agent with the following code to start the rename process.

noteid = aprename.renameWebUser(oldname,tlname, NewLast, First, NewMiddle,"*", "*");

When the Domino Directory Administrative server is available(can connect), it works fine.  But if the Administrative server is down I get an error "Entry not found in index".  Does the Administrative server have to be available?  I thought that the code would just create an admin request document in the admin database and the adminp process would run it on the correct servers.



Software/Hardware used:
Lotus Domino 8.52

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Now, I am not an domino expect, but, if I read you correctly, then yes, the server must be up and running because it is looking for the file to run, even thou it is just an index file, it still needs it.  I know, pain in the a$$.  Think of it this way, opening Outlook, your .pst files are not needed to open up the program but they are mapped to it.  If you happen to have your .pst files on another server, not on your local system, and that server happens to be down, then Outlook will be unable to map to them, will give you an error message, and then shut down, a royal pain.  The only way to open it is to unmap the .pst files and stop the mapping and then Outlook opens, no problem.  Maybe if you put the file it is looking for on the system itself and try to map it there instead of the server, it might work that way, or map it to both places, 0=yes, then, or 1=then run.  Can’t hurt to try it.  Good luck.

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