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What is the best way to take over 600 contact emails from excel and create a lotus notes address group to send emails to?

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At this point, you have created a Microsoft Excel Comma Separated Values File with your contact information exported from your Outlook Express Address book.

Preparing the Excel File
Open the file saved above with Excel. In the dialogue box, click the drop down arrow beside File of Types and choose Text Files(which include the *.csv extension) and then click Open. Replace each Outlook Express Field Name with its Lotus Notes equivalent listed below. Field Names not listed do not need to be changed.

Outlook Express Lotus Notes
MiddleName MiddleInitial
Company CompanyName
BusinessStreet OfficeStreetAddress
BusinessCity OfficeCity
BusinessState OfficeState
BusinessPostalCode*** OfficeZip
BusinessCountry OfficeCountry
HomeStreet StreetAddress
HomeCity City
HomeState State
HomePostalCode*** Zip
HomeCountry Country
BusinessFax OfficeFaxPhoneNumber
BusinessPhone OfficePhoneNumber
CarPhone CellPhoneNumber
CompanyMainPhone OfficePhoneNumber
HomeFax HomeFaxPhoneNumber
HomePhone PhoneNumber
MobilePhone CellPhoneNumber
AssistantsName Assistant
EmailAddress MailAddress
EmailDisplayName MailAddress
Manager’s Name Manager
Notes Comment
WebPage WebSite

*** You are required to perform the following for both postal code columns to convert them to text fields for Lotus Notes if they are not already:
1. Highlight the entire column (zip code column) by double clicking the column header
2. Open the Format Menu and select Cells
3. Click the Number Tab
4. Make sure the Category is set to TEXT, then click OK
5. Do these steps for both columns

If there are contacts that contain only a first name, ensure that you complete the last name field.

Now we need to save the File as a Lotus 1-2-3 file, (this is the only format that Lotus Notes uses for importing purposes).
1. Open the File Menu and select Save As
2. Under Save type use the drop down arrow to find wk4(1-2-3) (*.wk4), select it
3. Make a note of the file name and location of this new spreadsheet/contact list
4. Click the Save button
You will most likely receive an error that tells you that some features in the spreadsheet may not be compatible with Lotus 1-2-3 file. Click Yes, at this point to accept the incompatibilities. You may be prompted to save the document again. Remember the file name and location for the next step. We are now at the home stretch of this exercise.

Importing Contacts into Notes
Open your personal address book in Lotus Notes. You should see Contacts in Version 5.0 and Business Cards if you are using Version 4.6.
1. Open the File Menu and choose Import
2. Click Browse to select the file that you just saved (*.wk4), highlight it, then click Next
3. Make sure you’ve selected the following options:
Use Form: Contact (Business Card if you are using Version 4.6)
Column Format: WKS Title Defined
Calculate fields on form during document import (make sure this is checked)
Import as: Main Document(s)
4. Click OK

At this point you will see a percentage complete status in the Lotus Notes TaskBar. Once the import process completes, your contacts are now visible in the view. If you are using version 5.0, the process is complete. Your personal address book should now include those entries from your Excel address book.

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