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Hi , I want to add a row of serial number for the existing records in MS access .Whenever I am trying to define a new row with type as "Auto Number" and save the same it automatically gets changed to Text type.Please suggest. Thanks, Ansh

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MS Access won’t let you create an autonumber row after you have already entered data into the table. What I suggest is to copy the table, structure only. Add the autonumber field, then append the data in the old table to the new table and Access will assign the autonumbers. Hope this helps.


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  • Ansh123
    Hi Dustin, Thanks for your prompt reply.Actually the requirement is modified and now the serial number has to be of 8 digits i.e. the first number should be 00000001 and the max length should be of 8 digits as this field is being received by an external system and this system will accept only 8 digits .Is it possible to do in MS access and how can I do the same. I am allowed to use VB as well,so can anyone please let me know how it can be done through any of these.
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  • Khalidkhan
    Brilliant solution
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  • Chippy088
    I am not sure, but it might be you can only do it with a text field, as it seems you can't define a mask for the primary key unless it is of type data or text. You might be able to do that in vb, but if you want to keep it simple, use a text based field with a numeric mask, (i.e. only allow the characters 0-9,) and only pass that to the external system to be imported as the primary field. Down side is the user will have to type the 8 digit number in each time an entry is made, as I don't think you can autoincrement a text field, so data validation rules then come into effect. Or Use an auto incremented numeric primary key and pass the data table through vb to change the numeric key into an 8 character text field. I take it the field is imported into the external system as text, as it will loose the leading zeroes if it converts it into an integer/number type index on import. Personally the first option is the one I'd use. It could be tested for incorrect serial entry by trying to convert the serial number into a long int using vb before export to external system, as errors are generated if alpha chars are in field. This seemingly simple need does not seem to be catered for by access without some form of addin, if there is one. Good luck, and would you post your solution if you succeed.
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  • UpendraParmar8
    Great help Dustin......
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