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I have a Notes form in which the user must attach a Word document as part of the submission process. I would like to add this attchment to a Notes Mail Memo when notifying others of the submission. How do I add the attachment to the Notes Memo? Thanks For Your Help.

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Notes 6.5.3

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While it may appear to be beneficial to attach a file to an email notification, the net result is to increase enterprise storage requirements (file will be stored at least 3 times for a single notice) and the file could then be sent vial forwarding in an uncontrolled manner, possibly compromising security. A much better approach to this problem is to send a doc/web link with the notification email so that the attachment is stored once for all who receive notices, and document security determines who gets to see the file.

If you abosolutely must (I can conceive of why you would want to do this) go down this path, you can give the user a button to perform the attachment (instead of just allowing them to plunk in a file into a visible rich text field) so that you programmatically generate a richtextitem that you can then append via script in the background to the notification email. This also has the benefit of controlling the downloading of the attachment via button visibility after the parent form is saved. This schema can also be used to store attachments in separate documents so that just a list of the docs appears on the form; this allows all kinds of neat security controls over who gets to see/download which files from the form.

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    Thanks for the response, but you did not answer my question. Let me explain why I need to add an attachment to an email. We are an American subsidiary of a Spanish company. We use Notes, they don't. We use SAP corporate wide. I have a Notes application for IT Requests. If the request pertains to SAP, then it has to be forwarded to the IT Department in Spain. They require a screen shot placed ino a Word document for all SAP requests, which is attached to our Notes IT Requests form in the database. Once all approval routing has been completed (which includes a doc-link to the request), it goes to our IT Manager. He must open the request, detached the Word attachment, attach it to his email and then forward it to Spain. He would like to have the attachment included in the final email sent to him so he doesn't have to do this manually. Everything is programmed in LotusScript, so it I could add the attachment to his email using LotusScript, he would be happy. Thanks for your help.
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