Add a user to the iSeries

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Vince wants to add a user to his iSeries, but he's not sure how to do it. Can you lend a hand? -- Michelle Davidson, editor,

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Sign on as QSECOFR. Enter the command WRKUSRPRF. If there is a user profile that you want to copy, put a 3 next to it and press ENTER. Make whatever changes are necessary (be sure to look at all the screens) and hit ENTER. If you want to start from scratch, put a 1 next to the blank line at the top of the screen, hit ENTER, and fill in the desired parameters.


If you sign on as QSECOFR, use it only to create another *SECOFR profile. Then, sign off QSECOFR and sign back on as the new local security officer. Then follow the above instructions.

As far as possible, do not use QSECOFR for normal day to day activities. Ideally, disable QSECOFR and only use it when IBM instructions tell you to use it.


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  • astradyne
    I'm not trying to be funny, but if Vince doesn't know how to add a user profile to the box, then perhaps he shouldn't be doing it. If he has to do it, I would add the rider to the previous poster that he should take care to make sure that he gets the "correct" authorities applied and doesn't grant the user anything like *ALLOBJ, *SECADM, *SYSCFG, etc. Jonathan
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  • Kfisher
    We've recently found problems with accts that were created via green screen vs. Navigator, & now create all our profiles thru Navigator instead. The problems relate primarily to Directory Entries (we didn't know what those were until we discovered problems with accts that didn't have one & had to get IBM on the phone) and access to the IFS. I recommend using only the Navigator interface to create accts.
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  • TomLiotta
    The above advice is very good. "If you don't know, you shouldn't be doing it." But there's the likely possibility that no one else in the office knows how. There are thousands of small AS/400s, iSeries, System is, etc., in small offices, with no experienced administrators. The previous person resigned and now there's no one who's ever seen the screens. Sometimes there's just no choice. As for for green-screen v. iNav, there is no problem. Most sites have no need for directory entries anyway, nor should they need them. If they're not needed, they shouldn't be created. Further, they can be created as needed through the green-screen -- WRKDIRE. And if automatic enrolment is desired, then switch to it. Run WRKUSRPRF *ALL, then press <F21> and choose 1=Basic assistance level. From then on, until switched back, new users will be auto enrolled in the system directory. Of course, iNav is probably the way to go anyway. Just be aware that you might be adding entries to the system directory that should not exist. Tom
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