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I am so passionate to learn software development (tools) and along, I want to keep in mind that to go with trend. But finally I found that "What I am learning today (programming tools, languages etc) might to obsolete after some years" and the solution to this is that. "I need to be adaptive for any new coming technology in the market  to stay in trend".
So my questions are as follows:-
  1. How can i become adaptive for any technology came already or might come in future  to stay in trend?
  2. What are the initial steps to start with it?
  3. Is what I am thinking is correct? If it is not then what is the correct approach to revolutionize the software industry to get to the highest peak of the success?
Thank you! I hope you would answer my question and give me a great way towards success..

Software/Hardware used:
Mobile Devices Android etc..

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Try to stay current on new methods. It can be overwhelming and downright scary at times because of the uncertainty. Because the IT field changes constantly what may be mainstream today is old news tomorrow. Years ago there was not as much change so the programming languages like RPG / COBOL / FORTRAN / BASIC / ASSEMBLER / PASCAL were widely taught. Not so much today for these languages. Today is C+ / C# / JAVA / VB / PHP and a slew of others. The reason is with the newer technology the old coding languages were not well suited to handle the demand and needs. It’s never to late to changes gears either. I made the switch from RPG to VB and the .NET world after 30+ years in RPG. RPG is not dead but there were more opportunities in todays online/mobile world.

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  • Subhendu Sen
    In the current scenario, technology improves day to day. What we learned, in few years this is obsolete. But that does not mean, do not learn technology. Yes, when you work, keep update yourself by reading some good technical books/magazines and if possible, test the technology by your own. In my case, when .net launched, I knew Java, so .net is quiet new for me. Right after that, gradually I learned .NET and still learning. There are plenty of web sites that provide tutorials either in form of books/online. You can get knowledge from these web sites and keep update yourself. But always read books on the latest technology and make it habit.
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  • Kevin Beaver
    I think it's extremely important to learn the essentials of computers and software. Without a fundamental understanding of the basics that everything is based on, you pigeonhole yourself in your career when you don't have a good foundation. You may be able to have business-level conversations (granted, those are the most important ones), however, you'll likely struggle to communicate with technical staff and won't necessarily be best suited for managing network and application environments. Start at the beginning and work your way up because everything always goes back to those essentials.
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