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Hello. My question has two parts. First, the company I work for just merged with another company and we have now set up a trust between the two domains, ABC and XYZ, I will call them for illustration. The domains are connected via a T1 with Cisco routers on each end. The trust was set up as external and not transitive. Both domains have a Windows 2003 PDC and a Windows 2000 PDC emulator. I can look at their AD through my Win 2000 server, but when I try with my Win 2003 server, I get an error stating no authority could be contacted for authentication. I am able to validate the trust through the Win 2003 server though. The second part of my question is, how do you get NetBIOS to go across the domains? When I look in My Network Places, only domain ABC (my domain) shows up. The core processor in domain XYZ needs to be able to resolve NetBIOS names in order to function in domain ABC and right now, we have to use the FQDN to get into each other's domain members. Is there a way to get NetBIOS/WINS broadcasts to go between the domains, either through the Cisco routers, or through the DC's? Any help would be appreciated.

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I don’t know about your 2003 problem. I suspect a security feature on 2003.
For your network places issue, netbios browsing doesn’t travel across routers. It’s based on broadcasts. I suggest you configure WINS servers to replicate between your domains. See this link:
At the bottom it talks about replication between even untrusted domains.
You may also want to include both domains in the “append these DNS suffixes” section under DNS on all clients.

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  • Petroleumman
    Hello, Regarding your NetBIOS issue, WINS and NetBIOS is really only used in an AD environment for backwards compatibility with older systems such as NT 4.0 or earlier. AD uses DNS as it's primary means for name resolution. DNS traffic will also pass through a router where as NetBIOS won't. Good luck!
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  • Astronomer
    We tried to get rid of wins in our environment and discovered that browsing the network under explorer required wins to see resources in other subnets. Because of this we reluctantly continue to use wins. Since the question was about netbios and my network places, I recommend wins replication. I don't believe netbios will be dead until microsoft fixes this. rt
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