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We need to set up a message for users to accept when logging in their domain account. I know an Interactive login can be defined on win2003 to display title and text. We need to display the message once for users to accept and login and it is logged that the user accepted the policy and if they login again the message will not be displayed again Can this be implemented with active directory policies or do we need to develop some kind of script thank you

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You cannot do it before login as there is no proof of who clicked on the box. Also, the “legal notice” that is part of the Windows login has no logging mechanism as well as occurring prior to authenticating the user.

If you want to capture with “proof” that a user saw a notice then it must be done after they log in so you have the authenticated credentials. You can script it several ways. The fun stuff is to have it run a random number of days later so they get reminded. You can use a GPO or other login event trigger to run the script. Put it on top of all other windows at full screen to force an acknowledgement.

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  • Technochic
    I do not have an answer for you on this, however I suggest you leave it so they see it every time they log in. Believe me, when users call our help desk with a complaint or problem about "their" computer, it is useful to be able to tell them "You know that screen you have to ckick 'ok' on EVERY time you log in? Yeah it says the computer belongs to the organization, not to you personally. Sorry but we can't help you with streaming that radio station or downloading tha fun smiley program or accessing that blocked site. Log off and back on again and please re-read that screen. Thank you."
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  • aust23
    How can I create a script to do such a thing over the network?
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  • sergiu

    You can create a script running on network with powershell.Have a look on the site below for more informations:

    Is a introduction to powershell and also you can find a lot of resources as scripts, books and so on.

    Enjoy :)

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  • aust23
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