Accessing Oracle database on Linux from Mainframe

I want to read some data from Oracle 9i tables running on Linux machine. Can some ne help me as I am not very expert on mainframe systems Thanks.

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Do you have Oracle s/w for installing the client on the linux box? That’s the first step. Then is configuring the tnsnames.ora, listener.ora and sqlnet.ora files (help is around, such as (I assume you ping the box, if not, you should get that to work first) You will need to ask for the database admin for the database info to open a connection to the database you are interested in.

First get tnsping to work, then a SQL login. Then try a simple app on the linux box to debug getting any data.

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  • Bit4man
    If you're on the same computer as the Oracle database, it's easy ... First call /usr/local/bin/oraenv as a "dot" script, and enter the SID of the database. Your database administrator can give you the name (or reply here and I'll tell you the unix command to retrieve it yourself). Once you've run the oraenv and entered the right SID, you just lauch sqlplus (type sqlplus on the command line). Enter username and password, and you're connected. If your needs are more specific, please elaborate.
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  • Orazbors
    As I understand your question: You DB is on Linux x86. You need to access this database from mainframe with IBM z/OS. Here is the answer: 1) If you need to access via JDBC, ODBC or OCI(Oracle call interface) - that includes SQL*Plus command line access - you need to heva Oracle Client 9i or 10g installed on IBM z/OS. You can download Oracle CD for database software from and it contains client software called Oracle Net, formerly known as SQL*Net 2) If you need to make your access to Oracle/Linux_x86 from z/OS a part of CICS or IMS/TM transaction - please install Oracle Access Manager for CICS ( or Oracle Access Manager for IMS/TM ( You can find this software on the same CD as in 1). Licensing: you can use Oracle client s/w on mainframe at no additional charge as far as you Oracle Db on linux_x86 has sufficient CPU or named user license. If you currently own Oracle DB license on mainframe, you can use Oracle Access Managers for CICS and IMS/TM. If not, you need to buy "Oracle Programmer" product that would include AMs and precompilers for COBOL, C etc. Oracle Programmer is licensed per developer; runtime license is no charge.
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  • Accessing Oracle database on Linux from Mainframe (Q/A) | Seek The Sun Slowly
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