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I hope someone can shed light on this dilemma..Here is my problem I have a Linksys BEFSR81 wired router, and a generic (no name) 2.4Ghz. wireless access point router.... and a Linksys EG0801W 8 port switch. Here is my set up thus far and works and has for years.. Here goes. Modem Bridged to Router PPPoE Static IP Linksys Working mode: Gateway PPPoE LAN IP Subnet Mask: Connected to 8 Port Switch where all PC's are connected and is the Wireless Access Point. DHCP is Disabled, all clients on the Linksys have assigned addresses, I run several servers that require that they stay on the same port. So on all client machines IP:192.168.1.XXX Subnet: DNS:XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX Secondary DNS:XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX ___________________________________ My Access point is connected to the Linksys, from the Uplink port of the Access point. When Adding my Wireless for my daughter's and my laptop I was able to get on the net by assigning IP's and DNS numbers... I connect to several networks when traveling and have to always go from DHCP Auto and reinstall IP's and DNS when I return does my daughter. I have tried several times to set the Wireless Access point to Router Mode and DHCP so WE could just start up and go like we do most places, everything auto assigned. I guess where I am getting confused is the IP, Gateway and Subnet for the Access Point.. I tried this on the wireless access point Working Mode Router IP: Subnet: and DHCP: Enabled DNS:XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX Seconday:XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX __________________________________ When I try to put into gateway field on the wireless it tells me it is a bad IP address.. I have tried everyting I can think of as far as IP's, Gateways, Routing.. any help or suggestions will be appreciated. So it?s : Modem====LinksyszBEFSR81====EG0801W====WAP))((Laptop Any help on this problem will be appreciated. THankZ

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Linksys BEFSR81 (Wired router)
WAP Router
Linksys EG0801W (8 port switch)

How network should be setup:
Modem->Linksys BEFSR81 Router->Linksys EG0801W switch->WAP Router

Do not connect the uplink port from the switch to the WAP Router. Connect a
regular port (port 2-8) from the switch to a port on the WAP Router.
Port 1 on the switch should be connected to a port on the wired router.
Enable DHCP on both routers. Set the wired router’s IP Address to and the subnet to Set the IP Address on
the WAP router to and the subnet to Set the
gateway on the WAP router to Make sure that the ethernet cable
from the modem is connected to port 1 on the wired router.

I hope this helps.

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  • Jameslaborde
    One small change: Enable DHCP only on the wired router. Only one DHCP server is needed and two on the same network address will cause problems. I suggest you enable DHCP only on your wired router. DHCP requests coming from your wireless clients will be forwarded to the wired router.
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  • Tvyoda
    the hardware links are fine viz: Modem====LinksyszBEFSR81====EG0801W====WAP I recommend the following changes: 1. On the Linksys DSL router, setup DHCP with a limited number of assignable addresses. For example set the DHCP server IP address range to I assume the range is adequate to use for your servers and other devices which may need manually assigned IP addresses. 2. I reset the WAP from router mode to standard Wireless Access Point. Then assign it a free manual IP address from the range. The default gateway will then be the IP address of the Linksys router. You need to use this IP addres to access its web interface for configuration purposes. 3. Setup approptiate wireless secutity on the WAP. You should now find that the laptop obtains a DHCP assigned IP address from the touter via the Wireless Access Point. tvyoda
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  • Marcola
    You are getting the Invalid IP address error because you are using a 192.168.2.x Class C mask address and you are trying to use a gateway on another subnet 192.168.1.x and this is quite impossible. Do as the others have suggested. Set DHCP on your wired router and run with it.
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  • Subhendu Sen
    @Admin, What do you mean "connecte"? Have you asked for some kind of connection or something connected? Have you an issue? What actually you want to achieve? Please provide more details.
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